HEALTH PODCASTS #6 Dom talks Ozone Benefits with Tobias Segal from Promolife

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Today I’m talking to Tobias Segal from Promolife, in the podcast we discuss everything Ozone. manufactures health equipment and have done since the early 2000s, predominately Home Ozone  Equipment, from Ozone generators, Ozone steam saunas, and Ozone accessories.

In the podcast Tobias talks about the fantastic uses of ozone, towards the end of the recording we talk about Germ Theory v Terrain Theory, which we are both on the side of Terrain, we do mention Viruses in the podcast due to lack of a better word. Probably Bioweapons would be a better explanation.

I will be recording more in the coming weeks, I’m aiming for 2 per month, these have been continually requested by listeners to SF. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first Health Bunker Podcast of 2024.