Sheep Farm16 | Meet The Flockers | Garraway-Draper Deception

In this Meet the Flockers episode we’re going to investigate the media collusion with the power behind the curtain. Sheep Farm will focus on two individuals who have been used since March 2020 to terrify and alter reality for millions of viewers.

We will also cover a bit of the backdrop of the media propaganda machine and the damage it causes in its wake.


  1. Hi, thanks for replying to my comment on your YouTube broadcast. Good to see you’re using YouTube as a window to content elsewhere, I hope you get monitised and I’ll certainly watch, like and share to see that happens.

  2. Thankyou so much. You have confirmed what I thought, this just didn’t ring true from the start. Kate Garraway was talking in riddles. Very disturbing! You’re bringing some fascinating information to us lads.. brilliantly done.. in a down to earth understandable Northern way(I’m from Hull!) Thanks again. From Trina x

    1. I thought that too, at the time. This episode was another good one! so thanks both for all your work. Jan

      1. Today I offered to give my mums elderly and crippled friend my arm to walk her back next door, she said keep away you’re unvaxinated, despite even BJ stating V does not protect you from getting or transmitting virus. I felt utterly affronted. She was having a hard enough time with her health so I didn’t want to lay research on her too much, it just made me sad how deep the personal bias runs with lies embedded in people’s blood

  3. Guys I love your content. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Line of the day “OTDOGS” taped to their mouths 🤣🤣

    1. Hahaha … I was listening in the middle of a big office in the Bristol Royal Infirmary. When Dom said ‘Dinghy Lips’ I just roared …. much to the disgust of those on zoom calls!!

      Great content and laugh out loud moments. I love these guys …. and I’m a little jealous that I’m unable to have similar conversations with my Brother!!

  4. Brilliant work lads, I’m a cardiology specialist nurse and you are right about shoulder pain and heart conditions and spot on about opioid use. Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next video. X

  5. Thanks Sheepfarm for another excellent video. This story has been annoying the flock out of me for months and I can now see the truth behind the dung flinging.
    I look forward to the next instalment, all the best. Baaaaa

      1. I only looked it up after watching your video (thanks for the tip dom 😉 so I’m currently reading it.
        I’m more prone to read from my computer or importing it into my kindle so have no problem with the formats available.
        It’s always worth having a look on the internet archive for books like this as many obscure and hard to find books are becoming available all the time.

        1. It’s a good read, took me a while to get it sink in but it is full of info 🙂

  6. Interesting stuff guys, even if the subjects themselves aren’t.
    Kate is pure emotional manipulation covering up for all the inane falsehoods that her semi-comatose, personality-free viewers lap up.
    Have you seen any of ‘The Behavior Panel’ vids on Y/T? If not, they’re well worth a watch for insights on what to look for when criminal suspects are interviewed.

    1. Good friend of the UK Column and fake news and contrived court case conspirator gets caught doing it all the time
      UK CointelPro: Ian Puddick – “duper’s delight”
      but don’t worry, he hasn’t only single handily managed to bring attention to and prove this, fallen out with every person of significance that he knows and has exposed through inferrence, association and often directly, he’s always doing something out more revealing, so don’t think that he’s just harassing that dole bashing scum bag, Brian Harvey (who blames me for everything currently).

  7. I called BS on this day one. It was her payback for being given the ‘I’m a Celeb’ winners prize. My thoight was he would make a ‘miraculous recovery’ after the Vax. But they must be keeping something else held back to shee.. keep for later.

  8. So glad that you both see this as obviously false as I do. It is so staged, these paid actors push the narrative to scare the public. Tavistock connection is a real pearl of confirmation. Similar to the cruise ship couple at the start of the crisis it makes you feel uneasy watching this stuff you know it’s not truthful. Thanks guys great work.

  9. I did a body language course many years ago, and I can tell you lots of blinking shows a person whom is feeling “uncomfortable” at the lies they feel like they need to tell……

    1. As our kid said she’s blinking like a crack head very deceptive, and coming from someone like you who studied it the pieces are falling into place

  10. Guys i noticed Kate Garraway does this top lip curl thing in one of those interviews, apparently a sign of lying. I got that from an expose documentary on the Maccann’s, Kate Maccann did the same thing.

    1. The Sneer, yes we saw that too and the total disregard for what was meant to be happening too, very strange.

    1. @11m?
      UK Column are good!
      I think you need to speak to me before you totally discredit yourself.
      I’ve been told to look here and your content’s very good.
      Whatsapp: +60-184671736

  11. A triangle of equal sides has equal angles of 60* ….606060… masonic grand architect is satan…

    Your observations resonate with truth… and logical reasoning, critical thinking and analysis applying base lines of standard natural human reactions etc…

    Great job as always…keep up the good work..

    1. Thanks, I think everyone in our world the ones who have jumped over the fence so to speak operate in the world of common sense, it’s a simple way of living.

    2. you know heard loads of reasons the triangle/pyramid is used and that makes alot of sense..cheers

  12. meh, a few photos, names and very amateur sleuthing. Whatever the troof, lads– these guys are streets ahead of you. And you’re gonna have to do a lot more convincing than this.

  13. Came across you guys on the Devlin interview. Watched all your library since. 2 of Yorkshire’s finest. Impeccable research broadcast with humour and intelligence. Get on the Bare foot Malbec Chris, tasty and affordable.

    Bradford Mick

  14. Good one guys, yeah they’re all despicable Lifetime Actors, Have you listened to Richie Allen show, he despises O’Brien and rips the shit out of him regularly, very funny.

  15. Loving your research and programmes guys!
    Mandleson is also a very interesting man with dubious connections. Doesn’t he have links to Epstein?

  16. I love what you guys do and I subscribed to you on YouTube, and you have bought many good things to light, but I just can’t see anything wrong with the videos at all, I think you’re making something out of nothing this time guys, that’s my take on it.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your thoughts, whether the videos mean something or not, is probably irrelevant. The fact the whole situation is being used to cause and add to the nonsense that’s going on is more important, the videos are a small part of the evidence we laid out.


      Dom 🙂

  17. I always thought there was something fishy about this Draper covid yarn. Garraway has coped too well for it to ring true and I spotted her duping delight and no real tears! Also did you see dr Hillary Mengele Jones telling us that we should wear masks when swimming in the sea and then smirk with duping delight? But they’ll all meet their maker soon and they will burn in hell for all of eternity!

  18. Hi
    Really appreciate your work 💪 just watched from Hugo Talks he shared 👍
    And I it was very amusing guys hope you don’t mind me saying 👍 brilliant ! it’s good laugh at theses Idiots trying to brainwash us All.
    Thank you again 🙏

  19. A few things to mention:
    Her eyes are a dead giveaway. It’s where they stare to that gives a lie or a truth away. The earlier emotional interview about him being placed into the coma. Look at her eyes. Blew me away that. Lies and lies with fragments of broken truths dotted within it.
    Given what we know and the fragments of truth dotted into it all I’d lean towards him attempting suicide. His health conditions combined with the overdose and then ‘treatment’ in hospital saw him saved but damaged. (You’d be surprised at how common that health condition actually is) His supposedly being devastated that he ‘had Covid’ can be re-worded as him being devastated that he survived an attempted suicide as it left him in a far worse position than he was before he attempted it. Sadly, I think he will manage suicide soon once he gets the chance to do so.

    Hugo sent me btw. You’ve an interesting channel. I’ll be binging today!

    1. Whatever he did suicide, accident or something else it is a lie 100% and the nonsense is being used to push people over the line 🙂

  20. I get the feeling that old Derek is sat opposite and to the right of Kate, the way she looks that direction when explaining he’s not the Derek you’d know, might be wrong, or she’s checking her lines on the paper next to her.

  21. check out The Behavior Panel on youtube they will help you understand body language – looking up I think is accessing information or a story I think
    I found it interesting looking at the background – the cake and papers and book

  22. I wish there was a place your bets selection before you get into the video – I first wondered if he was in prison and then he was tagged – then a little further along I wondered if he had been involved in the initial trials for the jabs or if it was some sort of AI thing going on…

    When he spoke in the video in the guessing 90s he sounded like Cameron.

    Another great video thanks

    1. I think most people who watch are enlightened already, we’re all experienced researchers of the truth 🙂

  23. Kate in the second interview (1hr 12mins) is sounding like he was put into rehab and they put him in a coma as they sometimes do this

    1. Thanks for the comment Craig, whatever the reason, what the public have been told is nonsense isn’t it

  24. Good friend of the UK Column and fake news and contrived court case conspirator gets caught doing it all the time
    UK CointelPro: Ian Puddick – “duper’s delight”
    but don’t worry, he hasn’t only single handily managed to bring attention to and prove this, fallen out with every person of significance that he knows and has exposed through inferrence, association and often directly, he’s always doing something out more revealing, so don’t think that he’s just harassing that dole bashing scum bag, Brian Harvey (who blames me for everything currently).

  25. Kate g talking roughly 1hour 18. She keeps glancing to her right – and glancing to the right indicates someone ‘s lying, i read.

  26. I wonder if Draper had some skeletons due to pop out of his closet? and attempted to take his own life?
    This would also account for some of the damage to his organs.
    One has to question how someone can be in ITU for a year and leave almost as fat as they went in too?

  27. Hi Lads

    Excellent work and so easy to listen to

    (Only discovered you recently after someone linked me to your damn scary Tony B-Liar podcast)

    Of all the millions of people in UK it had to be a celebrity linked person to be the worst case of Corona of all time??!??

    To supplement your analysis of KG’s weird reaction to her beloveds sufferings it comes across as a classic 2 birds 1 stone sacrifice (maybe 3 in this case) and KG comes across as a classic psychopath:

    KG (previously a nobody) is now in the hearts of minds of peoples so her status will have gone up (kerching) her “the problem is… I have all these hopes and possibilities (corrects herself to positivity) and I am not going to give this up….”

    His memory is there but not accessible – what are they doing MK Ultra (electroshock treatment) on the guy (his links to Tavistock confirm this to be the case)

    The video with her fake emotions and admitting (the cackle gave it away) that she put her beloved in the coma (at least convinced him) and his stockholm syndrome response of “you saved my life” – has all the hallmarks of KG’s psychopathy (he’s alive… so far – was just creepy) and DD’s vulnerable state.

    DD was the king of spin with ties to Tony B-Liar.

    Then you have the final use of DD/KG deception – middle of the road people are reminded every morning of Corona and its devastating effects.

    Ties in to you guys conclusions that this guy (DD) had to be dealt with and KG stepped up for the job in exchange for fame and fortune.

    Anyways that’s my tuppence but keep doing what you doing lads

    1. Sorry one last point on a possible reason why DD maybe had to be dealt with:

      When he’d retrained as a psychotherapist he’d interviewed CEOs of 20 FTSE companies?

      Was he going to release a book on his findings exposing these psychos, removing the veils and bringing the cockroaches out into the light?

      A possibility right.

      PS I have no horse in this race these are just my observations based on the evidence presented.

  28. Hey Dom and Chris

    I just tried to watch your Matt Hancock episode on YouTube and the sound cuts out around 2 mins….

  29. Howdy the news should be read by a big green Kermit the frog, its nonsense .the tv wank programs and adverts drive me nuts,They think we are puddings ?I was hours away from an operation when it first started.I was told to get dressed and go survival instinct was detecting sinister vibes,if i stay here i will get slapped on a ventilator .i was glad to get home. People thought i was mad .ok bang your fucking pans for dancing telling you it was creepy they know ?to be fair my specialist was true to his word I was first on his list when he got the ok ,Feel i was lucky considering. Great content you speak my language im from Barnsley

  30. 2 points:
    I’m a nurse and I don’t know of a blood test either that paramedics can take and get immediate results indicating a necessity for immediate hospitalisation.

    Create Space, Drapers book title – instantly struck me that that is mentioned in that creepy WEF video about transhumanism and how it enables them to access our minds so they can “create space” for us to think.

    1. Hi Rachel

      Your the 3rd nurse that’s told me that, so I know it’s true now.

      Create space = Less humans 100%

      On another note if you live in West Yorkshire, we run an alternative clinic in Halifax, and are looking for nurses to train in our natural therapies.



  31. Must admit never did buy the Garraway story. Something in my gut kept telling me it was a con so I am really glad to have discovered this today and prove to myself my instinct was spot on.

  32. Hi,
    I’m a bit late to ‘this here party’, so have been going through your back catalogue ,
    my first question was why would they be looking into this? which made me watch.

    My O My, you really went deep, and now that you have gone through the details. I really see your point.

    Thank you for this guys, good food for thought, and a excellent eye opener.

    These people are… I have no words at present.

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