This is a short video showing who funds and who is linked with GB NEWS



  1. this video has already been removed from youtube , all the best to you for everything you do , keep em coming.

      1. No it’s not, if you know different, try supplying a link🤔🤦‍♂️ , be helpful or your like all the others.

  2. O Sheep Farm just got a mention on Alex Belfield a caller recommended this podcast 👍 & to listen to your work to awake people
    Love you guys baaa keep up the good work

  3. Great work, Thanks!
    This Tim Gielen video shows how to look up who owns the world. State Street, Vanguard, and Blackrock own everything in this crater. It also has that video clip at about 42 minutes of Marc van Ranst who demonstrated how to run a proper pandemic at Chatham House January 2019


  4. Fartage is the enemy of every nationalist on the planet.
    And if you hadn’t noticed, nationalism is the only answer to global corporate totalitarianism.

  5. They control the narrative, they perpetuate the myth,
    They control the stories we are told,
    If you try to go against them, you oo oo will be ignored.
    Cos they control, they control, they control…. everything you do…

    Thanks Van the Man Morrison.

    Van wrote this tune, They Control the Media, whilst having trouble with two separate individuals, one male, one female.
    They were trying to steal from and undermine him.

    Guess the link between the two antagonists, unknown to each other.

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