The Schwabian Agenda is a new series from Sheep Farm, in this first 3 presentations we will be looking at the World Economic Forum & their Young Global Leaders. We have called this first Part Sleepers.

Sleepers Pt1 will cover the History of the Young Global Leaders and go into some details about the individuals involved and where they end up.

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  1. Great stuff again. Notice how the WEF get around cartel, fraud and anti-competition / collusion laws. There is no way that the WEF can be legal under all laws. Also, the EU really is an illusion – as they all now work for Nazi-like Schwab.

  2. They all look mind controlled to me; David Aikman at 5:10 was particularly scary, his eyes were glassy and soulless. I worked for Heidrick and Struggles as a receptionist for about 18 months and the Yanks always seemed little odd to me. Brits are generally a little more cynical and apt to ‘taking the piss’ however the younger generation are largely woke and therefore LOST.

  3. Funny isn’t it? No matter how bad, how corrupt and greedy the system is, it’s actually a lot, lot worse. However, we have to hang on a while longer because as ‘they’ use us, or think they use us, ‘they’ in turn are being used to to dismantle the system. And, it needs dismantling, it needs to be utterly wiped, a real reset.
    These controllers have been at this at least since Egyptian times and probability further back than that. I (and thousands of others) chose to be born into this time, because this is where and when it ends. Right now thanks to Dom and Chris and many others, thing are being brought out of the shadows and into the light, for those with eyes to see. Having seen what is, we need only to bear witness, and even if if don’t know how to replace this system, we surely know what we don’t want. We will create a new way of living and already the foundations are being laid. So, chin up, we still have some sticky shit to wade through, but we didn’t come here to fail, like in all our other lives where we succumbed to our fatal flaws. This time it’s a done deal, sorted….. because that’s what we intend.

  4. Hey Dom and Chris , I’ve been looking forward to this one , that’s my Sunday sorted thanks 😊

    Also , are we taking bets on how long this will stay on YouTube??

    Keep up the good work , much love as always x

    1. The weird thing is that EweTube don’t seem to turn our presentations off, as we’re carful how we say things.
      It’s the other videos we have trouble with

      1. I don’t reckon it will be to much longer before that situation changes , the level of censorship seems to increase with every narrative shift .

        I’m looking forward to your jacinta hardon episode , I lived in nz for 15 years so know it well .

        1. Couldn’t agree more EweTube is a thing of the past, when we get down to one strike I on the original channel, I’ll just use it for trailers pushing to the website

          Yeah Hardon we will be going deep on old Horse Chops πŸ™‚


  5. Dom/Chris

    Excellent as always. One other area to note is the young global shapers that sits underneath the leaders. This seems to focused on those in or just out of university. What’s more interesting is that there are β€˜hubs’ all across the world. I researched my own hub and is full of bio engineers, graduates, doctors or entrepreneurs. Some looked to have just left Uni and we’re suddenly executives, one sits on the nhs trust as an independent director, can only be 22!! – health and tech (surprise..) seems to be the focus areas. Seems clear that the conveyor belt starts early. The network really does have to have the technical experts that can then β€˜help’ shape the narrative with the global leaders. Politicians, as we have seen, need to follow the science and scientists. I think the shapers allows this.

  6. Love this episode, probably have to listen again to absorb all the information
    Keep up the good work lads, one of my top 5 podcasts

  7. As cocky and smug these future leaders look you just know they have an inner sadness. They’ll be heavy drink and drug users to mask their inner turmoil. Basically old time bullies needing to control others

  8. We also have to realise that these creeps are ‘switched’ and not as they appear. It would be great to hear your take on this. It is part of their religion. Like the ‘Dues’ who mutulate their genitalia. They are chosen from childhood and put on the world’s stage to deceive us. This applies to all media on tel lie vision, movie actors, music ‘stars’ and across the whole spectrum of life which is in front of the audience (us). They are members of a large club and we’re not in it (thank God). Thank you both for your fantastic approach to this nightmare we are living in.

  9. Great video as usual lads. Thanks for all your hard work . I look forward to your content so much. It keeps me sane. I live down t’ road from you Dom so it feels real. Keep up the excellent work

  10. Hi Dom
    Many thanks for this. We greatly appreciate your work.

    Could you please tell me which of your videos is the one about creating hypochondria?

  11. I wholeheartedly share your sentiments. After all the bullshit and disconnection, here we are at this beautiful turning point.

    Do you see what’s happening now as a controlled demolition taking place?

    Up until now, their plans have progressed with a slow, methodical continuity. But covid seemed very different to previous manufactured crises. The absurdity of the theatrics and propaganda woke up so many that it appeared to me like deliberate sabotage was taking place.

    It also seems kind of ridiculous that they would put so many of their agents through one organisation that shares all their details publicly. Now they can all be identified and linked together. Unless the real intention was acrually to set them all up to be exposed.

    There are many within the occult groups who want a global awakening, instead of a technocratic global dictatorship.

  12. Dom & Chris,
    Brilliant work as always, really enjoy how you put this stuff together and with a sense of Yorkshire humour! Always appreciated

  13. Thanks Dom and Chris for all your hard work. Brilliant as usual. The scale of all this is frightening. Your down to earth humour keeps me somewhat grounded though, that and red wine!

  14. Christ – if they’re our next generation of global leaders we’re truly fooked. Would like to know your angle on the Ukraine subject. Cheers lads.

  15. I’ve listened to this in three parts, great deep dive and so important we get this out there to ‘normies’
    In many respects I feel we have more chance of waking people up now with part 2 of the nonsense than in part 1. I believe each country has a different role in the narrative, for us I believe Borisnhas offered up the UK as an island of guinea pigs,similarly Israel whereas other countries will play a different part/role. The NHS long term plan and all the genomics work in the background is unnerving
    Thanks for all your hard work on this.

  16. Just remember Schwab is a Knight of many Orders and so serves Nobility.
    Also, Bill Cooper said the crescent moon represented ISIS when he was talking about 2001 symbolism.

  17. Very, very, informative and I still haven’t figured out how you guys can make me laugh so hard about such awful topics! I’m crazy about your podcasts!
    Since I’m only about halfway in and am not being shown the length of the podcast, I don’t know whether or not you’ve already spoken about this or not, but If so, I apologize.
    I think we also need to REALLY keep our eyes on the WEF’s younger group too. The Young Global Shapers. They’re age 18 to 27 and there are 14,000 (!!!!) of them in 456 city-based hubs in 150 countries.
    I’ve always felt that we need to keep our eyes on the “big guys”, but as you’ve said so well, we need to keep our eyes on the smaller guys who are connected to the WEF, too. They’re slyly infiltrating all of our cities and towns, boards and committees, etc. EVERYWHERE!! The global level of this slimy, sleazy, organization is obviously super important and so is the “chubby old guy next door” who runs the town planning committee. No doubt that plenty of people like this fictional character really exist all over the world and the WEF has its hooks in them as well.
    Thanks again for a wonderful presentation!!!

  18. Please Chris/Dom,
    Do not assume these guys are inventing anything. There is, supposedly, technology on this earth 10-100 thousand years in advance of what we know at present. Maybe, Dom, the NASA research project you want to do, is more important than the WEF stuff. Just saying. Keep up the amazing work though.
    Cheers, Suzie

  19. Alpha Romeo =A/1 &R/18=9 The Beginning and The End of the cycle, like the uroboros (The snake eating it’s tail)

  20. I live off a road with about 15 bars and restaurants. I’ve lived here since *80s….watched changes. ….it has never been so silent.

  21. At 9.40 minutes there is a photo of a striking blonde lady in an

    Orange dress .

    Could anyone tell me who she is please ?


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