This is really a filler episode because a couple of podcasts fell through.
In MSC’10 we discuss many subjects like MSM propaganda stories especially the BBC. Also the Enabling act of 1933 and the similarities to the COVID Emergency Act.
Also we cover the toxic food ripening agents used in the processed fresh food industry. Baaa!


  1. I am glad that the question of number of people has come up.
    I visited USA , Pensylvania in 1998 and was shocked as I travelled through villages near Valley forge nd amazed that in 2 hours 4 villages , I never saw a single person. Look at vids by Jason Goodman over the past 2 years wlking around Nuke York City . No one !

  2. Hi bros

    My aunt went to school with Jeremy Hunt’s dad and she has met Jeremy at a social occassion and said he was “nice but dim”. She said the Admiral dad was a very nice bloke but I doubt she’s looked into his background!

    Keep up the great work guys and I’ll keep sending you our press releases from Holidng the Line: Jounralists Against Covid Censorshiop. We are hoping to have a list of our “News sources/journalists supported by HTL” section on our website and will have yourselves on there with a whole group of others across the entire spectrum of information out there.

    Keep up the great work, humour is such a key part of getting this uncomfortable info out there. By the way you might want to look at The Daily Mash, they are meant to be satiricial and take the mick out of the powers that be but they have not done so over the job jabs and lockdowns. I know the editor there, Tom Whitely, and he uses a whole group of writers but there’s been a lot of saitre against those question what is going on rather than targeting the peddlers of the official narrative.



  3. What’s happening in prisons around the world? Nothing is said about guards or inmates getting jabbed or if there have been outbreaks of covid in prisons. There are apparently 2 million prisoners in the U.S. alone so it’s strange that nothing is mentioned.

    1. I’ve just been released from jail and I can tell you we were treated like leper’s especially when all this bollox first kicked off. Most people don’t know the half of it.

  4. Hi both,
    Absolutely love your chats and interviews, very much enjoyed your interview with Jerry Marzinsky. I was an RGN for 20 years here in the UK, glad I’m out of it before the nonsense outbreak, such bullshit 😂 Working for the Wealth and Hellness Organisation!
    I love the long podcasts, longer the better. You make me laugh out loud, luckily my husband and children all think the same way as I do so they don’t think I’m bonkers but still grateful for your work. Thanks Baaaah

  5. As usual, thanks for popping my idealistic bubble on organic food. What’s annoying in Austria is that the stores use the same food they’ve always sold and bumped prices up and called it organic. When I moved here 8 years ago I thought, “Wow, no need to buy organic because a lot of foods aren’t grown with GMOs or anything” (at least it seemed way better than American foods, way too pretty if you ask me), and then I swear the same potatoes I bought in the past are there with a bio label and sold for a higher price. I could be wrong of course, just my gut feeling.

    Austrian lockown, yeah, ridiculous. They gave us a 2 or 3 week warning on the news and I thought I’d have more time til it’s implemented (it was based on how many ppl are in hospital and then they jumped 2 levels in one day or something). I haven’t gathered the courage to walk into a clothing store without a mask yet (masks required everywhere til recently), but most government run places have a “guard” on duty checking everything, couldn’t get into the library to return a couple books, but at least the lady said she’d do it for me. Unvaxxed are still allowed to get takeout, so I get still get my GMO cappuccino and chicken nuggets if I want. So the only things open for unvaxxed are doctors, food, and grocery stores, plus exercise outdoors. 2 extra cops per district to help keep track of everyone. I think what’s most annoying is they set if right for Black Friday shopping, clever timing by the powers that be.

      1. Thanks Shirley, looks like the rules are getting even tighter. Trying to enjoy Christmas holidays and the snowfall as best I can and try not to focus on it too much. Hope you’re doing well.

    1. Why don’t you wear an exempt badge. Is that acceptable in Austria. I wear one in UK and in work and people ask me I just say “exempt” and they say “oh, ok”
      It’s hilarious watching their reaction. I bet they walk away and say to themselves “I suppose I could do that”.
      But, most won’t because they are conformists.

      1. Hi Dave, so I’m curious. Did you get the badge from a doctor or you just printed one out? No I don’t have one, but a friend of mine lost her customer status at a place they’ve known her for years because of her no-mask exemption. Austrians are really into the mask-wearing, indoors at least, plus it’s government mandated for now. I feel like God gave me the green light to just pretend I’m vaxxed as long as there are no controls at certain places (which feels like only the sidewalk right now, but hey maybe stores will be open to everyone again in future).

  6. Enabling Act of 1933 passed in both the Reichstag and Reichsrat on 23 March 1933
    Coronavirus Act 2020 passed the House of Commons without a vote on 23 March 2020

    Source: Wikipedia

    1. March 20th until 23rd ostara aka ishtar aka easter Spring (Vernal) Equinox (SABBAT FESTIVAL) Major fertility SABBAT, Feast Day, Sexual Orgies, Animal/Human Sacrifice, Any Age, M/F, occult/satanic

      Keep in mind that marker days and satanic holidays will often wobble a day or two because of fluctuations in the solar calendar: any given solstice may fall on the 20th, the 21st, the 22nd, or even the 23rd.

      March 24, Feast of the Beast, Bride of satan in marriage ceremony, sexual, 16 yr old Female, Satanic

      ht tps://

  7. Dom and Chris

    Despite the seriousness of the issues you often make me laugh.

    When you harvest grain crops you lose some seed because it remains in the spike, which of course they see as lost profit. They found if they sprayed the crops heavily with glyphosate just before harvest the crop would wilt and release more of the seed. If this is not worrying enough they had already genetically modified grain crops so they were resistant to glyphosate so they could spray more to kill more weeds, so they really had to dose them with glyphosate to get the plants to wilts before harvest.

    When they frack for oil they pump a water/solvent mixture under ground to break up the layers of shale were the tiny pockets of oil are trapped. These pockets then pool together in the shattered shale. They then suck up this watery oily soup and sperate the oil from the ‘water’. In California where water is very expensive they were selling this ‘water’ to the fruit growers to water their orchards. There was a lot of dispute over this story with ‘fact checkers’ claiming the water was safe.

    The Aspartame story is even worse, it was approved and then blocked because they found it was causing brain tumours in rats. The company then employed Donald Rumsfeld and a shit load of money to get it approved. I have seen evidence they were cutting the tumours out of the rats then testing them for cancer or leaving the rats to decompose to such a point they could not prove cancer was in the rat. This was a truly rotten mess to get this cancer causing substance into the masses. Then they bought in the ‘sugar tax’ so nearly every manufacturer now uses all or at least some artificial sweetener in there products.

      1. Dom

        Stumbled on this today

        The Mail on Sunday NOVEMBER 14 2021 page 102 Health (I know, it was not my paper, honest guv)

        ‘Pesticides risk in Med Diet’
        ‘Researchers have discovered a downside to the Mediterranean diet: more nasty pesticides.

        Newcastle University scientists asked students to eat a Western diet for two weeks, then swap it for a Mediterranean diet – full of fruits, vegetables and grains.

        Each participant took urine tests to measure traces of four common pesticides, The Med diet caused a residue to increase by fifth, while traces of weed killers called organophosphates rose five-fold. Exposure to these has been linked to memory loss and other issues.

        But those that ate organic products cut pesticide exposure by more than 90 per cent’

        Newcastle University study

  8. I don’t know why youtube won’t allow this as I just repeating what has already been printed in Somerset Live and The Times from an interview with Boris Johnson’s own sister, Rachel.

    Anyway. I have discovered the true reason for our glorious leader’s messy hair. I am not a psychologist but I hold a higher therapy related qualification. Barmaid. So, I know these things.


    When she was 22 and newly graduated from Norland College of top class nannies, Mary Kidd went to work for the Johnson family. Boris, then known as Alexander, or Al, was 11 years old.

    The ‘6ft chain smoker’ as Rachel refers to her said:

    “You all became my second family. You got into bed with me, I had baths with Jo.
    The first time I went to wash Al’s hair he had his pants on in the bath (because he was embarrassed) so I simply allowed him to see me in the bath covered with bubbles and the next time I washed his hair he didn’t have his pants on.”

    So there. Too hot for youtube, apparently. Although I can’t find any trigger words.

    Am I too working class or prudish or something? Or is this wrong? Why is a 22 year old woman washing a naked aldolescent or nearly adolescent boy’s hair? Possibly naked herself. How old was he when this stopped?

    Is this the hidden reason why his hair is such a mess? Trauma? Abuse turning into a kink?

    Well, don’t we all feel better for knowing THAT.
    Thanks again, and all the best.

    1. I keep thinking about my last comment. This probably happened whilst his mother was in the Royal Maudsley.

      I wonder if she knew? If she did but was unable to help him how terrible must she have felt. I can’t imagine any mother being OK with this.

      I wouldn’t have been responsible for my actions if I could have got hold of that ‘nanny.’

      I think I would have a few words to say even as somebody bumping into her in the village shop NOW after reading that in the local rag.

      They’re not right. What’s his older sister thinking? This has been in the Sunday Times as well. Did no reader pick this up? Did no sub editor veto this?

      This is just sick. It was written so flippantly I didn’t take it in at first.
      Poor kid. She’s a paedophile. There. I said it.

  9. Got me vino ready, tooned in only to find, Chris…….. is on the water🙄. Oh well, I had a glass or 3 for you Chris.
    Another great dollop of Mint Sauce chaps.
    Thanx DnC 💚💚

  10. Really enjoyed this one lads.
    You so right about taking ownship of what we can personally control no matter how small it maybe because looking at the bigger picture and knowing the powers that be have a net bigger that we are all lead to believe is well rather depressing isit and let’s be honest they would love us lot to get depressed wouldn’t they!!!

    Laughing at the end , red flip phone /cosmetic mirror case 🤣🤣🤣 was just what I needed at the end
    Would love to see this phone as the new tread on the streets maybe we start a movement here with this one with our sheepfarm family
    Peace ✌

  11. Whitby is a small town just east of Toronto Ontario Canada. (Where the bus had the sign that said kids have strokes too) Fucking psychopaths. BTW I listened to Rise Above and it’s a little irritating that they keep interrupting each other. I don’t know how it’s going to be this Friday with the crowd they have planned! But holy shit that whole Travis Scott story is messed up! Where’s the reports of broken bones and crushed skulls. If you listen to that woman in the video you’d think there was blood everywhere! I looked up Moloch and it’s the ancient god of child sacrifice!!!!! What the actual fuck is happening?!?!?!
    Anyway I love you guys and look forward to your future videos!

  12. Hi Guys, love the website and content and looking forward to Friday on Rise Above. As I’ve not been on Rise Above’s site before, could you advise what time you’re on, their YouTube says 7pm. Is that right?

  13. On fresh veg and fruit; my local greengrocer told me over 30 years ago that the produce was ‘irradiated’ – to make it stay fresh. Sounded bad then! Thanks again Dom and Chris for the podcast

  14. You blokes are superb, recently lost my mother, the local hospital in Paisley, west of Scotland is a disgrace my nephew in law had to fight his way out of there, told he was going to intensive care, but explained to the clown his body needed food. when asked to explain he hid behind his medical opinion? Speaking to a so called doctor that he was unvaxed he was told he would have got this thing anyway, Would have made a great story, dad of young kids dies? Just to let you know the west of Scotland ie Glasgow was world renowned for heart attacks since the 60sties, perhaps the diets

  15. Why don’t you wear an exempt badge. Is that acceptable in Austria. I wear one in UK and in work and people ask me I just say “exempt” and they say “oh, ok”
    It’s hilarious watching their reaction. I bet they walk away and say to themselves “I suppose I could do that”.
    But, most won’t because they are conformists.

  16. Fantastic as ever, you guys alway have me chuckling, a great way to present this nonsense. The 1933 enabling act I’m glad you’ve brought it up as most don’t make the link. My 17 yr old son whom was 16 at the time and just binned from doing his gcse exams, he’d studied ww2 in history and was sat listening (very rare) to me harp on about the 91 divoc act how it sets up a dictatorship/ruling by decree and other points etc… when he immediately made the connection stating, ‘that’s like 1933 enabling act that dad’
    Wow you couldn’t write this stuff, it turns out they didn’t it’s already there!

  17. Brave New World

    Their vision
    Long in the making
    In windowless rooms
    A secret undertaking

    A Brave New World
    Everyone in his place
    An Ordered
    Human race

    Population control
    For the lower orders
    No more countries
    No more borders

    Planned and controlled
    Doing exactly as they are told

    Life used to be unpredictable
    Full of spontaneity
    Now it’s total subservience
    To a self appointed deity

  18. Great to listen to you both as always. Helping us keep sane down here in Norfolk! Dom, I can’t remember if it was this show or a previous one that you recommended an infrared sauna/cocoon type thing? If it was that? Can you tell me what it was you bought/which brand please? I’m interested in one of these although not sure which type but would trust your recommendation.
    Many thanks and best wishes to you both,

      1. Apologies, a misunderstanding on my part. It’s your Northern dry sense of humour and my back against the wall, outnumbered against the narrative paranoia. Regards, Drax.

  19. This may be off topic but back in 1979 when I was 20 I met a guy in a club who invited me to meet his ” friend” for lunch..I was working in a jean store in Oxford Street but wanted to get into finance.. He took me to this huge house in Belgravia. This small geeky type guy around late 20’s answered the door. The house was amazing but weird.. he claimed was interior designed by Zamdra Rhodes. Things like Antelope chairs, zebra skin furnishings and lions skins on the floor I was offered a drink and settled for tea ( not alcohol as it was lunchtime) he told me he could easily give me a job in the City as his father owned a large Italian merchant bank.. he showed me his underground basement nightclub as he was having ppl arrive later that day for a ” party” and I was invited. It was all white greecian statutes red velvet couches and red walls carpets the lot. I sat back in his drawing room sipping my tea as he asked me when I could start ..the next thing I collapsed my head spinning round and I got very scared and asked to leave. I had never taken drugs of any kind in my life and knew nothing about them.. at that point I knew I was in grave danger but didn’t have the balance to stand up.. Both he and this guy that took me there insisted I was OK that I should ” sleep it off” in the adjacent room. What? Tea i thought? They gave me a key to lock the door saying nobody could enter the room as I had the key. Call it nieve and stupid of me to even have gone there in the first place I sure was. As I lay there fully clithed on this circular bed I looked up to see this huge ornate gold mirror surrounded by what I thought were cherubs etc..the next thing I knew something was beside me I felt what I thought were mens legs. So straight away I froze and looked up. This thing had the head of a horned beast kind of like a goat but it wasn’t a made strange noises. I bolted into the bathroom hysterical and screaming and I was frightened for my life. Any effects of what they spiked me with was not working. The window in this bathroom had bars on it. I leant down on the back of door hoping whatever was out there was not going to get in that locked door. After what seemed like hours, that geeky guy was trying to persuade me to come out and told me in a quiet voice ” everything was ok” ..I thought how could he or that thing get in that room if I had the key jammed in it? I decided to make a run for it. I opened the door and pushed him flying onto his back and screaming 8 rushed to the outside door and never stopped running for miles. Now I know this might sound crazy and it certainly did to me at the time as I had no idea about all that stuff back then, but I believe that thing was Molloch and that party that bankers son was going to have that night was me as a sacrifice.. I’m 62 now and not in the best of health, but I have never forgotten that day and from that day on I knew that pure satanic evil does exist.. I’m lucky and so many have never surfaced to ever tell their story. I count my blessings that I got out of there and I know it was bloody stupid of me. A lesson learned and I ask for God’s protection everyday since. A couple of years after that I was on a 73 bus going up Regent Street and I looked down as I saw the guy who took me to that bankers house. He was stood there in the same exact place id met him on the corner of Hamlets toy store in the same clothing pointed up to me with his umbrella and he bent his head back as he laughed. Ill never forget it ever.

  20. If not mentioned before, would you guys consider an interview with Richard Hall from Richplanet TV. An interview with an interviewer so to speak. It would be great to hear his relevant opinions coupled with your own thrown in for debate.

  21. Hey Lads,

    Fantastic show, as ever.

    Wanted to let you know I came home from work tonight, turned on the TV, and was presented with an advert for a brand new program on Discovery+; it’s only series 1 of “Space Titans: Musk, Bezos, Branson”.

    I thought of you both, as it immediately reminded me of your hilariously titled “Tw*ts in Space”. I can’t help but wonder if someone at Discovery+ caught wind of your upcoming show and decided to get out ahead of it.

    All the best,


  22. Great guys and very funny as always, well delivered, one thing however! The reason the Britney was developed so fast was the name given to the program in the USA, remember ???
    ‘Operation Warp Speed’ staring, Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves

    We are indeed all in a movie, we can change the cheesy script whenever we like !

  23. All that info on food preservation was priceless. My family have been having this conversation a lot recently. We live in Spain where traditionally fruit and veg is spectacularly flavoursome, but this has changed. Our local supermarket produce tastes the same as the rubbish in the UK. Fortunately, there is still local produce which tastes as it should. Everyone gets used to eating out of season stuff and the taste memory fades. We have persimmon’s which grow wild and the flavour is insane, but sometimes you have to trim off the black bits first. When I bought the shop version it was the texture of cardboard, but anyone who hasn’t had the real thing would never know they are being sold short.

  24. Ey up Dom & Chris….I’m a newbie to your podcasts and vidcasts….I stumbled across this podcast just last week after following a link to it that someone put in a UKC forum post regarding Mr R Brand (the post was titled “Russell Brand the paedophile?”)…WOW, just WOW!….listened to it all (your podcast) just yesterday, now I have got the task of a “binge catch-up) of all of the rest of them!!! lol…great work chaps, what more can I say, other than well done and keep up the awesome work….and I can understand your accent! :)….I’m a resident of the “M62 corridor” (although we live just through the door at the end of the corridor ;)) on the right side of “the hill” in God’s own county.

    Anyway, less of my waffle….your piece about organic and the like….do you watch the Harry’s Farm channel on YouTube?….I was watching his latest upload a week or so ago and he has a mixed arable/livestock farm, and keeps cattle (beef) on organic pasture, which is right next to his non-organic arable…the buffer/margin that is required by The Soil Association between the two pieces of land, according to Harry (Metcalfe) is (and he couldn’t remember exactly): 6 metres (that’s the length of a Transit van!)!….so, chemicals can be sprayed 6 metres from where an organic crop is grown!….to me, that doesn’t sound anywhere near enough…and the amount of glyphosphate that he sprays is quite considerable!….it’s a channel worth watching if you haven’t done so already….ta ta 🙂

  25. Hi Dom. Thankyou so much for the mention. You made me feel very honoured. Just so you guys know I’m also a sheep farmer! Haha

  26. Hello Chris and Dom.. Thanks for your hard work. Research takes time and I appreciate what you are doing. The whole ‘organic’ produce thing is a minefield. I try to buy organic produce but I am sceptical about whether it is actually chemical-free. I remember a programme with Mark Thomas (years ago) which investigated the claims made by supermarkets with regard to their organic produce. The conclusion: ‘they’ choose not to test for certain chemicals and this is how they get away with selling something as organic. I always check the ingredients on labels and this usually informs my decision. Condiments can be bought (such as mustard) which only have mustard seeds and vinegar. If you look at the popular brands, they have a list of ingredients as long as your arm. I also try to buy sulphite-free wine. The trouble is, these things cost a lot more. I do not drink fizzy drinks and have not eaten breakfast cereals for years. I do not take any pharmaceuticals. All we can do is try to minimise the amount of chemicals we imbibe. It feels like a futile exercise when you consider that we are bombarded with poison from geo-engineering, pollution, dodgy water and the rest.

  27. Brother Chris must be careful with his interruptions . Good chemistry is very important to the sheep farm success.

  28. Thank you lads, your in depth research is very much appreciated. I enjoy your rapport, it reminds me so much of my two late brothers when they got chatting . It is so good to hear your humour.
    You were talking briefly about Russell Brand and, coincidentally, I found a video on Brand New Tube (though link on UK column chat) about him, well worth watching
    Thanks for everything.

  29. Did you ever come across Tartarian Truthers on YouTube? Presenting style similar to yours but they are two Australian ladies. Going into the history of Australia. Sounds boring but it really isn’t. Asking searching questions about the official narrative and how ridiculous it is. Well worth a look imho.

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