Sheep Farm 31 | Mint Sauce Chronicles #6 | The Clown Show

Tonight we have a relaxed chat about many subjects, Biden’s Ears and Different Faces, 1984, Kids Cartoons, EGO and much more……..

Joe Biden’s Ear –
Biden’s Face Mask –
Biden’s Faces –


  1. Watching Johnson last week giving his press conference.He never looks direct into the camera constantly fidgeting with the brief he had .He looked very uncomfortable

    1. Hi Andrew. I agree. Whilst I believe BJ is a puppet for his masters, I do wonder, sometimes to what extent. By this I mean, when he supposedly got covid and was hospitalised, it was like he came out a different person. What do you think?

      1. Taking into account the fact that he went to Eton and was probably buggered senseless as well as brutalised other ways; he was also a member of the Bullingden Club who appear to see themselves as a race aprt and superior in every way (much like the Skull & Bones at Yale University) one can understand why people like him turn out the way they do.

    2. I also likened us who won’t take the snake oil as conscientious objectors the other day to my sister. Look how they were treated! Still I can’t undo the knowledge I’ve learned over the years. Despite some people deciding not to speak to me anymore, I wouldn’t change how I feel about the nonsense.
      As always thanks for all your hard graft. Do you have a donation account set up?
      Kathy 😘

  2. Hello dom & chris heard you talking about masks in films, I noticed in parole officer.(release date 2001) they have a protest wearing masks and someone dressed as death talks to a woman she says are you death? No im just a meme, she replies shouldn’t we just ignore you then. Very odd. They also have a scene where they ride out on bikes shouting this is the new world order with various masked people. As you’d expect no mention of it online.

    1. I’ve only recently dicovered this channel and am telling everyone who’ll listen about it….so refreshing to hear accents other than those of scummy southerners.

      1. Robert Dore,
        Steady. I’m a southerner and definitely not scummy. Anyway don’t you think there’s much more to be concerned about rather than the old north/south divide.
        When I stayed with a friend’s family in Rossington in the eighties at the height of the miners strike, people were surprised that we had council estates in London. I would have hoped we’ve come a long way since then.

        1. Kathy – I feel like he’s innocently referring to the comparison between their accents and the ones were so used to when watching the news; i see where he is coming from, its refreshing to have a format that jumps between formal and informal naturally unlike boris’ with his fake posh accent, hissy fits and stupid made up words.

  3. I agree I said that to jabbed hubby that he looked into the eyes of a mass murderer when he looked at the nurse who jabbed him !

    1. Mine is thinking of getting the jab. I told him he’d turn into a 5G tower, and he asked, “wouldn’t I be a 3G tower?” Lol, funny but not at the same time.

  4. Hello Chris and Dom.. Most entertaining, as per. I shared your Meet the Flockers (Zahawi) on GAB. I had a brilliant response. One of the Brits on there has sent it to his MP saying that Zahawi needs to be arrested! I don’t know whether you appreciate this. You will definitely be on the radar!.. PS Mike Robinson of UKC always refers to Zahawi as Anton LaVey!

  5. I have no doubt that we as human civilizations have experienced resets before, there is a documentary about it on youtube somewhere, it also talks about large buildings like cathedrals that were used for things other than religious places, it’s fascinating once you open your eyes and mind to the possibilities.
    Btw. keep up the great work, guys, I am really enjoying your content!

    1. places of healing is what I have the understanding of our so called churches or cathedrals.. mudfloods, titans, giants, tartaria, old world tech that was stolen by the victorians. what they said they invented or they built… more like inherited… America.. Australia.. the orphan trians….lunatic asylums.. our history.. his-story is all a lie

  6. Thanx DnC for another great dollop of mint sauce. You guys fookin rock x
    Biden’s ear is very weird indeed.

    Just a suggestion, can you do a deep dive on Obama and his *wife* big Mike*?

  7. Hello Chris.. I have had a look at your sculptures – disturbingly good! I have also tried to find your tee-shirts on Red Bubble. Thousands of designs come up, some of them very twee. What does yours look like? Give us a clue.

  8. On the 9/11 front, this lady, for me, sums it up.
    Dr Judy Woods ‘where did the towers go’
    👆👆👆 on YouTube

  9. You have a natural flow like the Everly brothers so keep it going. It’s good to listen to your conversations as it reminds me of the past where we would discuss things over a drink in a pub or a meal at a gathering. I’m an older male and ready to stand, hairs pricked on my neck up when you mentioned HAARP as this was my introduction to this nightmare reality back in the eighties. Best wishes

  10. zahawi now announced as education minister – so scarey. would like to write to my local MP about it but cba as its Jesse Norman married to the bloody v queen arm spear co ordinator Carol Bingham.

  11. Another great chat lads, i’m with u chris on Aliens and Ufos. I’ve researched Nasa, aliens and ufos for 20 odd years but this whole situation we are in now has gave me a completely different outlook on it, Its either technology we have or its demons/fallen angels/ interdimensional beings and not ET’S from other planets. All this nonsense has really shattered my interest in the subject. I cannot watch anything about it anymore.

    1. yep….now we see see the lies, its obvious everything is a lie..and we have been sold the alien/space one for a long time so the lie must and can only be massive..if its from the 4/m k ulta box its probably bollox…cheers

  12. Miranda. I dumped my ex last year for buying in to this bs. Why did I dump him? Cos for me, it high-lighted how awake I was and how asleep he was, esp when he went along with the mask crap.

    Your hubby’s been jabbed and i’m assuming you have not been? How do you stay with someone who clearly does not see thro this nonsense?

    1. S-K
      I have had many dreams over the years of my hubby and me being separated by an end of time experience ! I have to accept I was warned so we just have to hope for the best but expect the worst?

  13. Chris,

    My mom saw a UFO in the 70s when she was 8 to 10 years old outside Emory, Texas. She said it followed her from the pond outside her house to the garage, where it hovered close to the ground while she walked inside the back door of the house. When she told my Granny she said, “You didn’t see nothing. Don’t talk about stuff like that.” Years later while farming near our house outside Emory again, when my dad was in his 30s, so late 80s early 90s, he saw a UFO while in the sky and said it sped off so fast it left some kind of haze lingering in the air. (But dad has a tendency to make things up so Idk about his experience for sure). I watched that show Ancient Aliens once as a kid and it scared the shit out of me, had to walk my lamb that evening and kept looking up at the sky sure that a UFO would come get me.

    The book of Daniel talks about the end times and the last major kingdom, when iron will be mixed with clay (or the seed will be mixed, meaning the DNA), lots of speculation about what that could mean, but I think it refers to some kind of mix between aliens/demons and people. 43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    1. Who knows what they are Julie all i know is i saw it….im not religious but ive thought for a long time either the scriptures are coming true or someone is following the playbook so to speak..the truth as we know has been highjacked..

    1. Now that needs a long answer Jay. He’s someone I have not looked into that much, he never really resonated with me, he seemed too TV for me. What he had to say seemed ground breaking but he was only repeating what others had written about in my opinion.

      do I think he’s a ‘plant’ who knows, we’ve been accused of being controlled opposition ffs!

      However that does not mean he’s not an a type of Mockingbird agent or being used unknowingly.

      When someone is allowed to fill the 02 saying the things we’re all researching it raises eyebrows.


  14. My husband has also been jabbed after saying he wouldn’t take it. We had many arguments and name calling, but in the end I had to accept what he had done to himself. I even drove him back from the vaccination centre because I was so worried that he’d have a bad turn.
    The thing is, he’s a good man but totally naive to what the real world is like . He trusts everything the doctors say and never questions their authority. I could not leave him simply because he made a bad decision. That’s what love is surely. We take the rough with the smooth.
    Incidentally I’ve have had bouts of illness in the past and he has taken good care of me so if the worse happens I will do the same for him.

  15. Am I the only who thinks that Chris Whitty looks a little down syndrome? There is definitely something seriously wrong with that specimen.

  16. did them die hard labour supporters really change their mind and vote for Johnson… could it be that it was actually rigged like bidens was rigged… personally i didnt vote for any of em. there all as bad as each other.. take starmer for instance a man in charge of the cps and got Saville of the hook saying not enough evidence… hmm OK…. and he’s now the Labour Party leader… wtf….

  17. wasn’t lennon shot outside the same hotel that was used in the film Rosemary’s baby… in the same spot as rosemary died when she jumped or fell out of an upstairs window..

  18. Iv seen a photo of one of the health ministers from somewhere cant remember sorry.. but she one hell of a scary lookin woman.. promoting the vaccine, and now has bells palsy… ill find out who she is

  19. When will we see things like Sheep Farm Mugs. That drawing of you two on the front would be cool. Would Defford buy at least two,

  20. another great podcast guys, i have pretty much switched off entirely from MSM news and also independent/alt news but always make time for you two 🙂 anyway, see you later, baaa!

  21. Brilliant podcast, great listening, thank you. Talking to my Mum recently about weather modification she said oh I know all about that, when your Dad worked on a tea plantation in Kericho, Kenya in the 50s they often used weather modification rockets to disperse rain clouds I was gob smacked. Totally agree about the ego manipulation. Thanks again Guys.

    Chris love the sculptures, I was amazed to see that they have a very similar vibe to the ones my sister used to make years ago, she has recently taken it up again – synchronicity

  22. Hi Chris and Dom
    Greetings from CommunoFascist Ireland. Really love the show, you guys are doing a fantastic job and I think you are really helping a lot of people with your positive vibes. Can’t wait to hear the Klaus Schwab research and the Silicon Valley deep dives!
    I think it was Chris who mentioned the prevalence of unicorns nowadays and it made me think back to the lyrcis of RHCP’s Californication – they are quite something looking at them now! Personally, I think it’s a reference to eunuchs, part of the whole Elite Gender Inversion deception, a topic that often seems to get shut down even in truther circles (deleted from Bitchute etc), which makes me think there’s definitely something to it! Antonia Kedis anyone?

  23. Was startled by how bright the Moon was is it supposedly reflected sunlight? Or is it somehow self illuminating? Why dont we see images of Earth from space glowing like Ready Brek kids?

  24. I was driving with my boyfriend on a desert road late at night going to Las Vegas in 1991 and we saw some kind of ufo. It was a green light that hovered around for a second and then it just flew off super fast and disappeared. All these years I thought it wassomething alien but now I think it was some kind of human technology. It was close to Area 51.
    I love listening to you guys by the way, Thankyou!

  25. Football
    Soulless Stadiums

    The ritualistic
    Taking of the knee
    A symbol of subservience
    To those once free

    Banished from grounds
    Watching on their TV’s
    To artificial
    Fan sounds

    I witness
    Football’s planned demise

    In sadness
    With tears
    In my eyes

  26. Dom and Chris

    Mormons used to (not sure if they still do) have to pledge an allegiance to protect freemasons with their lives. Joseph Smith adapted and created his teachings from freemasonry.

    Lego ‘master’ builders as classed as freemasons.

    If parents knew the truth of why Unicorns are put onto their little girls clothes they would be ashamed

    Some homework if your interested to watch some films 🙂

    Frozen 2: Basically espousing the indoctrination rungs of freemasonry in the 4 elements. The start of the truth of it being the worship of satan comes when they reveal the 5th element, the antichrist. Elsa is the 5th element or the golden child and Anna ‘Christ’.

    Trolls, the world tour: The NWO currently resurrecting the destroyed satanic Babylonian one world government.

    Alien: Covenant: satan’s telling of his own life story as done wrong by his creator (God) and his glory in the end times when he tricks God and travels to a new place to start his evil again. David the android (satan) forced to stay on a boring desolate planet by his creator while tinkering with the natural fauna and flora’s DNA creating monsters. In the end he kills a newer and improved android (Christ) and flies away carrying his evil monster seed amongst a new batch of human embryos.

    Dr Strange: The buddhist (golden cherubim) worshipers twisting of God and satan. They believe God is evil, an all powerful entity coming to kill satan who is good and looking after the Earth. All marvel characters are demonic fallen angels fighting off God from portrayed as evil.

    There are many many more and children’s films are now full of satanic programming.

  27. Congratulations Chris and Dom, yet another brilliant episode of mint sauce chronicles!!
    You guys are such a breath of fresh air, a welcome reminder that we’re not alone, truth and common sense still exists and facts are there to be uncovered and explored. Let’s lift that curtain and challenge that dogma👊👊
    Can’t wait for your deep dive on Klaus ‘Schwaba the hut’🤣

  28. Anything made in a factory is FAKE FOOD!
    Anything that grazes in a field is REAL FOOD!
    Anything that swims free in a lake or the sea is REAL FOOD!
    All branded products are TAINTED!
    Be careful what you eat, the Jews have poisoned the food supply many times before and now plan to take over the supply with nutritionally inferior genetically contaminated products just as they are promoting inferior energy light fuels..

  29. Lend build profit lend destroy profit repeat. Guys its the FUCKING JEWS! running the show FFS!
    You only missed the lend and profit part…
    Who do you think the UK gov borrowed the money from Sunak is Goldman Sachs, Johnson is a crypto Jew and Starmer well:

    1. John

      You have been tricked to swallow the poison that steals your path to salvation. If a child grows up to become a murderer is the whole family guilty? If a white person robs me are all white people robbers? You confuse corruption to evil with a race you are born into, please re-access your thinking and free your mind to the reality that you can’t see the wood for the trees.

      The greatest trick satan ever played was to convince everyone Gods true word is corrupt because he corrupted a group of people.

  30. Thank you Dom and Chris

    You research draws ever closer to the revelation of true understanding, everything if God vs satan.

    You mention you wonder where the Jewish/Catholic connection comes from. The answer also explains about the connection to Germanic nobility and the royal families of Europe,

    If you are interested you can research The Tribe of Dan and the Phoenicians. The tribe of Dan, a sea faring tribe with the snake as their mast emblem. They were corrupted to satan via idolatry and took satanic priests and idols to the queen of heaven aka ishtar aka Mary of the ‘holy trinity’ The start of the Catholic religion.

    They were so corrupted God sent them far away to the north where they eventually moved to the Mediterranean coast and made the most of their skills as sailors to create a protection racket in the Mediterranean sea. They joined or became the Phoenicians extorting gold and jewels from anyone wanting to travel through the Mediterranean, their enterprise so successful they got the attention of many angry nations and decided it was too dangerous to continue their enterprise and used their great wealth to buy themselves in the nobility of Germany and Europe.

    These are a very powerful group and do not want any attention.

    1. Hi, this is really interesting. Not to be offensive to anyone but so many roads seem to come back to Germany that I’d made a mental note to go back to the Table of Nations. I’ll pick up your thread as well. Thank you.

      Dom, Chris and maybe Loccie! If you haven’t already, look into Genesis 6, the book of Enoch and watcher forbidden technology (this feeds into Jon Levi’s work and also Ewaranon’s work). Suggest also Fourth Watch Films on Vimeo (and also The Unholy See). The Book of Revelation is a must IMO.
      It’ll shed light on so many of the areas. Why, timing, what, who… pre Noah’s flood all but the 8 humans on the ark were genetically corrupted by the fallen angel watchers. As it was in the time of Noah, so it will be again in the end of days. Can anyone see any signs of genetic meddling anywhere? 🤔

      Brilliant work and with such dry humour. X

      1. Louise

        You just reminded about something else I wanted to mention about a point Dom or Chris questioned in the Schwab presentations about Greece and and the Golden fleece. So many Jews went to live in Greece the New Testament was never written in Hebrew only Greek as God wanted these people to have the knowledge. Greece’s history is very intertwined with current happenings as I am waiting for The Desolation and Abomination as was originally perpetrated by Antiochus Epiphanes the Greek. God’s prophecies often repeated to a final conclusion.

        Yes Louise two of Noah’s sons were already fallen to satan even before the Ark found land. While Noah was drunk on the wine harvest Noah’s son Ham stole the clothes of Adam from Noah (the Golden Fleece). Garments made by the hand of God endowing the owner with great power. Ham gave them to his son Cush and Cush gave them to Nimrod the founder of the original one world government.

        The Book of Jasher is also very informative and relatable as to who, what, why, when.

        Forbidden technology as demon-strated to corrupt man.

  31. Space as they tell us is impossible. You can’t have a vacuum next to gas pressure with no barrier like they claim.

  32. Another fabulous show thanks for the CRROW777 recommendation love it still have to come back to you guys for giggles looking forward to Swharb nice to hear you talk of Islington my home town 😂

  33. Dr David Martin has posted pictures names and addresses of the main Divoc privateers ….founding member of fb..dust in moko wi t z…you will need an army to research this lot…😊..I have a screenshot so off I jolly well go..
    Amazing P’s last telegram post on severe reactions in the trials is fab too..
    Dr John Campbell brilliant example at how crap they are at damage limitation..
    Brilliant work guys..🌱🌿🌸🐝💚..

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