SHEEP FARM 30 | MINT SAUCE CHRONICLES #5 | Sunday Night Catch Up With Dom & Chris

Dom & Chris have a catch up, over a ‘cuppa tea and a glass of red wine 🙂


  1. Brilliant.. exactly what I needed on a Sunday night. Bless up Dom and Chris 🙌🏽💙

    Ps. I understand you guys must be really busy.. but did you ever get round to asking your son about doing a little music collab?

    1. Hi Don and Chris
      Nice stuff . Good listen . Great info .makes so much sense . thank you 👍👍
      Watched Rik mayall one by one last night .. just what’s happing now filmed in 2013…. So sad Rik passed away just before the film got launched.. .. amazed why it has so few views

    2. Not sure why you don’t like Russel Brand. It was Johnathan Ross who did the message to Manuel actor. Ross said all the bad stuff and Russel went along with it. I was bad form….He is Marmite though I’ll give you that.

      1. Can’t believe the amount of coincidences that occur when listening to you guys. We just bought Gil SH LP a few days ago. Love your warm northern voices and humour. Can’t best it. Of course there’s no such thing as a coincidence. But there are arrangements between Soulparts who are working in concert.

    1. gates was up in court in the 90’s about his dodjy Microsoft… he was up for some dodgy shit…. and to wangle his way out of it he opened the bill and melindaman gates foundation

  2. Excellent as per. The comments of the mad muzzle wearers made me laugh out loud! Pure comedy. I received the same petition in my inbox. I wanted to leave a dissenter comment but could not bring myself to sign it. I was alarmed at the number of people who had.. PS I had a completely different idea of how you looked!.. PPS I used to torture my younger brother by pretending to be dead. Did you do that Dom?

  3. Hi Dom, just had a very weird experience. I think I maybe the journo you refer to in this podcast at the start. I had just literally just left you a message on youtube asking for you to get in touch for a chat and left my email on it so it didn’t upload. But then seconds later after hitting play again you start talking about a journo who had contacted you but hadn’t got back to your email about Judy Wood. I’m guessing that must be me haha and apologies for missing message, I’m guessing it was sent on this website as don’t think I had a gmail? I haven’t read Judy Wood’s book but have watched all the episodes on her research on RichPlanet TV and have spoken to RDH’s sidekick Andrew Johnson a fair bit about it. Anyway would be great to have a chat sometime, my email is [email protected] as would love to be involved in anything you do on 9/11 but would need to discuss a few things first. Anyway sorry for missing the message, and keep up the fantastic work 🙂

  4. Brilliant show as always Chris and Dom, definitely WWlll going on right now.
    I said from the start and people just think I’m nuts, this is what happens when you work with younger people.

  5. I love your show and eargerly await each episode, its so good when you hear people who are experiencing exactly the same path of awakening as you are. I’m in Bolton, just over the hills from you. I am lucky to have one best mate, who i can talk all these things through with and we always agree with each other on our opinions. Never disagree, but thats not intentional, it just seems to be that way naturally. My own family including my grown up son, think ive lost the plot. Despite the very strong evidence ive gently put under their noses. Anyways, an idea came to my mind whilst listening, I suddenly had a picture in my head, of a social meeting, just for 3 hours, in a local community hall or working mans club, maybe some drinks and snacks. Everyone wearing a badge with their first name, town, occupation and any special areas of interest listed. A way of networking with people, making some contacts, sharing ideas etc building a northern support group if you like, of like minded people. Maybe one day, well need these people to give us help in some way. Just once a quarter or something. Switching to a different loccation each time. What do you think ?

    As a quick piece of anecdotal evidence or maybe not……i work as a delivery driver for pallet goods and I keep being sent to local hospitals with pallets of zimmer walking frames. Lots of them, 200 at a time, at what seems to be ever inreasing frequency. Wonder where they all go.

  6. iv just watched 34 episodes of fall of the cabal. they know their stuff do the two ladies who made the videos. 20 years of research into the cabal, the corruption, the child/woman sex trafficking, drug trafficking, the film and music industries, wars, the Rothchilds and rockerfella’s, hitler billygirl gates and how he has his fingers in every pie in every part of the world, to the corruption that is with convid and gates’s miracle vaccines… not sure if you guts have seen any of the videos but I’d highly recommend them if you havent.. very very informative.. opened my eyes even more than you two guys have.. along with Hugo talks on telegram.. where you’ll also find the fall of the cabal videos. as they have been banned from main stream platforms..

  7. nasa… not a space agency…….. im enjoying all your episodes guys.. top stuff. also tuned in when you went on rise above. Great show…. and yes that is owd klaus schwab. in his weird sex pedo outfit leathers strap with a weird jock strap and a veil .. wtaf is that about iv also seen that photo

  8. Great Stuff again Boys 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m here via Richard D Hall who Red Pilled me about 4 years ago so still fairly new to this journey. Your humour is fantastic & right up my street so Keep on Keeping on ❗️ Thanks for your time & efforts 🙏 ATB Steve from Kevin Turvey country 👍🏻 P. S. Love the drawing of Yooz 2, You look like a Phil & Grant tribute act from Eastenders 😂😂😂

    1. Hi Stephen. I’ve followed Richard D Hall for a few years now. He did some excellent stuff on the Mccann case which really interested me as I was researching it too.

      Haaa, love the Eastenders remark😆

  9. Thanks Dom and Chris. I have a health condition that causes me a lot of pain and poor sleep and I often listen to your podcasts in bed. I think you both have soothing voices and of course very informative and fun podcasts despite the seriousness of everything. My own thoughts here but I think Dom is the more cerebral part of the team and Chris is the heart. Not saying Chris isn’t intelligent or that Dom has no heart, but I think that’s the areas you each excel in.
    Funny thing about 3rd eye being closed for the nurse who had the arm spear. I had many spiritual experiences including dreams, personal prophecy and communication with those that have passed but have had little to none since I was put on a drug called Effexor. I managed to get off it after 9 years on it but it took me 3 years to do it. Since starting it all dreams (lucid dreams) and out of body experiences have stopped. I have begun to feel more connected to the spiritual and higher realms recently, 4 years since stopping, but nothing like it was.

    1. he bird at the moment.. jemima Khan or however u spell it.. she is part of the Rothchilds family…. the central bank arseholes…. and the reason why bullshit brand dosent say anything about the Rothchilds bank.. but slags of all the others you for money laundering and extortionate intrest payed on loans etc…… brand is a sleaze bag

  10. Enjoyed this with my morning coffee, which I nearly spat out hearing the *f**k off* reply on the mask thing. It was Chris’ delivery that made it so funny. And Chris always sounds more relaxed with a vino.
    You guys coming together to do these podcasts was your destiny and this was your time.
    Can I ask you both, when was your *wake up* moment to the nonsense? Mine was March 2000 when the Gov updated their website saying Covie-balls was no longer considered a highly infectious disease but 4 days later, plunged us in to lockdown number 1. That was the moment I knew something was a miss.

    Great podcast. Love the Mint Sauce editions and you two chewing the fat.
    Thanks DnC. X

  11. Thanks guys, enjoyed every second as always. Dom I’m 60 and still enjoy drum n base, thanks to my oldest son. N the music on Rise Above was great. I also listen to Kirtan (Hindu devotional music) so if I like it, I like it. No Music rules for me🤣 Just dance n chant🕉
    Chris my thoughts on the shows…make them as long as you like.
    I’m in Spain in the sunshine too. Its great for sure, but feel useless to the cause. I read and research in my leisure time. And truth bomb the comments in the Daily Mail. No TV except Family Guy n American Dad 🤣 at bedtime. You would be amazed at the truth bombs in those cartoons. I know the humour isn’t everyone’s cup of chai but it is mine🤣🙏🏼🕉

    1. I love Family Guy and American Dad! Both are very subversive. Family Guy was taken off Fox years ago and they had to bring it back due to popular demand. I used to watch it every night but I got rid of my TV some years ago. Seth McFarlane is a genius. How did he handle the Trump years? I wondered if McFarlane might have sold out and gone into ‘orange man bad’ mode. Hope not!

  12. I was (and am) a massive Gil Scott-Heron fan. I saw him play SEVEN times in the 1980s. In the days of the GLC, there were several local authority venues in South East London. Gil chose to play them as part of a tour, which was incredible. The tickets were dirt cheap and it meant that everyone had the opportunity to see him. I could not believe it when the great man wandered onto the stage at the Greenwich Borough Hall. I was at the front – he even trod on my hand! He played at the annual, free GLC festival that year (which used to be held on the Southbank). They call him the father of RAP. He never got the recognition he deserved. I last saw him in 1990 but by then, he was ravaged by coke. A real pity. I will always remember him in his prime. RIP Gil.

    1. My Fav:
      Junkie walking through the twilight, I’m on my way home,
      I left 3 days ago, and no-one knows that I’m gone…..

    2. Love Gil Scott heron I never got to see him live…I moved to London mid to late nineties and used to go to the jazz cafe in Camden a lot..pretty sure he used to not turn up to his gigs by then due to his issues….loved his last album though.

      1. I used to go to the Jazz Cafe in the early 1990s when it first opened. I saw so many brilliant acts. All the superb British bands/musicians that were around at that time: Brand New Heavies; Omar; Mica Paris; Incognito; Young Disciples, to name a few.. The last time I went was years ago to see Carleen Anderson play solo. Utterly brilliant!.. I cannot remember where I saw Gil play that last gig (I used to indulge in mind-altering drugs – ha! ha!) It was in London somewhere.. I agree, His final album was superb,

  13. If you do international persons I would love you to do the Trudeau family. I am in Canada last 21 years and could send you info and do research if you are interested. What research I have done shows long term connections to the cabal and probably blood line connections ( of course). Also Donald Trump would be a major one and Macron and Herkel. I don’t mind sending you my research if interested.
    On the subject of Johnathan Halstead. Despite not personally being into what he does I thought he was a genuine man and did have some worthwhile input to the situation humanity is in. I think he’s a good guy fighting on the side of humanity and count him a friend. I applaud you giving a platform to anyone who is ‘with us’ no matter what creed, colour, etc. Those things don’t matter. What matters is where the heart and the spirit of the person is.
    Excellent work guys 👏🥰

    1. Hi, if you want send your research to [email protected].

      It is time we all got together, we need to, the tyranny we’re facing is huge. If we’re against that you’re on the right side and we’ll give them the time of day 🙂


      1. Hi Dom

        I’ve ment to post a message for a while going back a few of you vids

        When you talk about synchronicity I thought with all I believe and have learnt, as when all this covid shit started and when you really truly understand the lengths they want to take the world technocraticly I just don’t believe it human I’ve learnt about Gnostics and many things and truly believe in the archons
        Any ways someone sent me a link to a video on an author call Perrier Sabak
        And then I had to purchase his book Holographic Culture
        I don’t find it an easy read and infact it’s like a study but I think you and could be wrong in thinking perhaps Chris more so should check it/him out
        He has a YouTube channel also
        It’s not easy but I believe it
        The Archons are hear there also termed as Builders/ Engineers
        This what they want to achieve is not a human idea humans would not do this
        Any take care both of you keep up your good work

      2. I have just got a new laptop as old one died so I will get my research together and send it through.
        Someone recently said, could be you, that they have more friends now than they had before. I feel that way. I have friends all over the world both older than me and a lot younger. And yet they feel like soul mates; people who I know I could build a new good healthy world with. I see a future of us all sharing our gifts and talents and supporting family units and common benevolence. I think necessity will bring this about.

  14. Fuckin ace drawing Chris, you are a very talented family, I never realise it was you doing the drawings until you mentioned it on the Ming the Merciless episode.

    Take it easy lads your videos are getting me through my alcoholism and keeping me on the healthy path.

    I owe you both big time.

  15. Bloody brilliant, it gave me a much needed giggle; I love the Mint Sauce Chronicles episodes as its just relaxed&balanced, enabling both your personalities to shine. I look forward to every episode. Reminds me of uk critical thinkers first episodes&deep dives

  16. Another great dose of an extremely good mint sauce. I’m an older male who should be dancing right now justified in my way thinking because from day one/my first memory of this reality didn’t fell right, of course I wish I was wrong but now know that the nightmare I’ve been living with for a long time is true. Many thanks for what you’re trying to do in waking up the [email protected]@king masses, the best to you both.

  17. Hi lads, great show as usual.
    I’d just like to add some info on the part where you were talking about cartoons.
    Basically..there’s subliminal messaging coming through in cartoons, which I seen first hand..quite accidentally, I hasten to add!
    My 2 and a half year old was watching, Marsha & the bear last week, she watches it fairly regularly along with the other usual suspects..peppa pig and so on. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this cartoon. As far as I can gather, it’s a new enough show, that’s been translated from Russian to English, as when it started out, it was all Russian, so I’m assuming they done the English version for the wider audience.
    Anyways, my 8 year old son was also in the sitting room on this day with his sister. When he called…dad, what was that writing?..I went in and asked what he meant, and he told me that he seen writing pop up on the screen.
    So, as it was on youtube, and thinking he meant the credits at the end of the show, I rewound it back and played it…and sure enough, he was right.
    It was just like a flicker…blinked, and you probably would have missed it.
    So I kept rewinding it back, playing and tried to pause it, to see what the words were.
    After many failed attempts, we got it.
    And it said…”hold breath”.
    I just thought that was very fucking weird. To even have subliminal messaging in cartoons in the first place is messed up . But why would you want kids to hold their breaths? (There was nothing about breath out either in this message)
    As I said, I stumbled upon this, quite by accident..if it hadn’t been for my son being so persistent..I would have been blissfully aware of this kind of thing.
    Which leads me to question, how much more of this is going on in kids tv?
    Just wanted to share that story, because I, personally found it quite disturbing. Just wanted to see, had you guys come across anything like this when researching any other cartoons maybe?
    Anyways..keep up the good fight lads..Baa

    1. If you do a YouTube search on Disney cartoon there’s loads of things on probably every film they have made
      Infact my brother who’s asleep told me he thought he saw fire work display in the sky on one of Disney’s films saying “sex”
      There’s more than one disney film that does this
      When I told him basically what I’ve just written he still did not believe it

  18. So great to listen to you guys …. I’ve watched/listened to them all and although I’ve been thinking along most of the lines, you’ve helped me fill in lots of the gaps and helped me feel sane in these crazy times. For the record, I loved the Johnathan Halstead one too – opened my eyes even more … just three great guys, chewing the fat in a non dramatic, frank discussion. Cheers for all that you do..

  19. The Nerds

    The nerds
    Have taken over
    From John O Groats
    To Dover

    Sticklers for technology
    Now experts in

    These geeks
    Who resent normality
    Have imposed
    A rigid, regulated

    And totalitarian

    The complete opposite
    Of a cool

  20. Pinocchio is another Disney film that is disturbing. There’s a threat of being an ass and worked to death if you become a free spirit and reject their system

  21. Those peititons are highly manipulated – the comments will be 77th brigade – I don’t believe majority want – this is all part of the psyop.

  22. Here’s an idea: If you need help with your T shirts why not have a word with Ming The Merciless – he could make you millions apparently.

    Disney films are always killing off parents. Very dark subtexts in Disney films generally.

    This should get you to a film made with Rik Mayall in – not too long before he died. Other stuff i’ve seen (will try and find it), plus the subject of this film (depopulation) – it’s obvious Rik knew what was going on . He died of a ‘heart attack ‘ – quite common amongst ‘inconvenient ‘ people. He would have been powerful voice if he’d lived. Another subject for discussion……?

  24. One book that I would like to recommend that is Kolyma Tales by Varlaam Shalamov about his experiences being in the most brutal Gulag in Soviet Russia. But they are much much more than just a record of his experiences. They are moving stories, each tale a glittering diamond that forms a necklace that I take out again from time to time to admire the sheer beauty of the work. They are moving but they taught me so much about humanity, not much of it good sadly. Once read you will never forget it.

    Another is Cannibal Island by Nicolas Werth. Many do not realise that the Vaccine Passports we see today are just another firm of the Internal Passports imposed on people in Soviet Rusdia that prevented them moving anywhere without permission. This book isn’t about those Passports but they crop up from time to time. People and families were transported and dumbed into a remote region of Siberia where temperatures could fall to 70 below zero, and told to start a new life there. They had I only the clothes they were arrested in and no food or provisions of any kind.

    The people who were capable of that evil are the same ones doing this to us today and make no mistake would do to us what they did to the Russian people in the 1930s.

  25. Dom and Chris
    First of all, congrats on one of the freshest and well put together series we have been blessed to hear over the last number of years. I am sure you are indeed on the blacklist, and conversely more importantly protected by that which is more powerful.

    I was pointed to a dudes work awhile back and have been watching his stuff for about a month now and you guys might find it truly fascinating. With the narrative being segued into climate lockdowns ( filthy selfish humans ) without any mention of the ongoing Geo-Engineering programs ( devastating ) and more importantly the massive affect the big yellow/white thing in the sky has on ever aspect of life on our lovely planet, an alternative perspective is absolutely needed. Here is the link to the guys you tube channel I hope you enjoy and find as fascinating as i am.

    Thanks again you guys


  26. can i just say the music at the start of all your videos is so painfully heartfelt and true somehow…

    keep up the great work guys, Chris is my fave but Dom is a supreme legend too so it’s 49% 51% at the mo!

  27. I’m a big fan of Rich D Hall, and Dom your research takes it to another level further, I know it’s hurting you bro so take breaks often, 3 days a week max, the rest of the time should be family and the day job.

    you’re both legends anyway and top-notch journalists in my humble opinion

  28. I’m a fan of Rich D Hall, and Dom your research takes it to another level further, I know it’s hurting you bro so take breaks often, 3 days a week max, the rest of the time should be family and the day job.

    you’re both legends anyway and top-notch journalists in my humble opinion

    1. and by both legends I meant Dom and Chris, not Dom and Rich. Keep up the great work and keep making us laugh, I laugh out loud most episodes 🙂

  29. Thank you from Australia.
    I can see why Richard would have your vids on his web page. You do fantastic work and I really like your humour. You have to keep your sense of humour through times like these.
    Thanks you Dom & Chris

  30. You guys should check out Adam Curry and John C, Dvorak’s NoAgenda podcasts. They call it podcasting 2.0.
    Adam is the actual inventor of podcasts, i.e, ‘the Podfather’. NoAgenda has top notch technology and a new way of doing things. I’m not tech savvy enough to explain all of it, but you should definitely take a look.

  31. Y’all mentioned something about what they do with all the extra blood from donations. It is part of satanic rituals to drink blood, and here is a testimony from a former satanist who was forced to drink it as part of a ritual. She also says she lived in the water and was basically a mermaid.

  32. What is banned from the menu at Buck palace? Garlic. The queen hates it apparently. Quite appropriate for descendants of Dracula. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  33. Very good lads! Would love you to have a look at the corruption in Ireland sometime, rotten to the core. Would be interesting to take a look at the famine, seems like history repeating itself once again, investors such as JP Morgan buying up all the property at the mo to lease back to the govt for social housing. You’re both doing a great job, keep up the good work!!

  34. Hi lads great work as usual. You where talking about books at the end of the show . Can I recommend a channel on odysee called audioboy . The channel has all the books you mentioned and many more very interesting AUDIOBOOKS . Thank you

      1. I’ve just finished listening to virus mania. I think its around the 7 hours 30 minutes mark she’s talking about the Spanish flu . Really interesting

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