Sheep Farm 28 | Podcast #5 | Jonathan Halstead | Parasitical Minds, Bad Robots & Spirit Guides

Holistic Wellbeing was founded by Ann Halstead and is jointly run with her husband Jonathan. Ann says: “Together, our spiritual awakening began over 20 years ago and during this time our lives have taken some very interesting twists and turns on a pathway filled with synchronicities. Ann Halstead, Reiki Master and Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Counsellor Jonathan, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Medium, Spiritual Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner and published writer, writing occasionally for Soul & Spirit magazine.


  1. Although born in Lancashire, this was a perfect end to a perfect day listening to three Yorkshire guys download their gnosis

    1. I’m one of them that has no one around. as u can tell with all the messages lol😂.. .there are the people I talk to through telegram and I have my son. and he knows not to have the jib jab.. but everything else that iv been researching my son ain’t intrested and thinks im mad.. .. even with showing him photo evidence of the old world……

  2. Thanks guys, another excellent podcast. Its great to listen to positivity when all around is negativity.

    1. couldn’t help but stare at the mountains at the beginning… mayb my brain is seeing things now iv been researching into our history.. but to me it looked like it could of been a massive building.. only melted in some way…. two perfect tower type columns at the front of the mountain and if you look carefully behind the column on the right of the picture in the distance behind looks to be another column, like u would all four corners…. could be wrong.. but one never knows

      1. The documentary “When the buildings cried” delves into this subject.

        Dissenter archaelogist Michael Cremo brings up the notion that civilisations
        came and went, rose and were buried. An expanded timeline with a broad view.
        Technology is not the be all and end all, the human condition can be poked and prodded
        but is not a machine: the human condition needs attention and care.

        Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight:
        “If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong.”

        Greetings from Amsterdam, Mishko
        PS: also worthwile – There Are No Forests On Flat Earth

        1. Yes I’ve Michael Cremo’s work and watched countless presentation by him. He offers great insight into the false history that’s been fictionalised for the masses

    2. myself included iv Met a few who seemed to have woken up with the nonsense that is going on.. all seem to have been researching the same things even tho none of us knew each other until I joined hugo talks on telegram.. all asking the same questions..wjats going on.. why is it going on.. why are we being lied to so much.. why keep in lying to us… then with my research have come to the conclusion that the atrocities these elite people have caused to the whole world, dating from the 14-1500’s. has been about discovery. befriending.. killing, stealing, and destroying our past…including all the buildings that were virtually all the same no matter where in the world they were built.. massive, with towers and domes our history more…………… his-story… the people they have killed and covered up. only thing they can do is try and kill us all off so the world don’t find out the real truth…

  3. Being a Yorkshire lass, listening to 3 Yorkshire guys chin wagging is my cup of tea. 🥰
    Aside from that I also have had spiritual/ psychic experiences my whole life. One thing I have thought about is that whilst the bad guys may be seed of the blood, I believe we are children of light. And light trumps blood every time. One being of light is equal to 100s of them.
    On your dream Dom, you said who it was right when you discussed it. You said he looked tribal. The words we use to describe dreams are very important. He could be an ancestor or an ancestral guide. Probably around you your whole life.

  4. What i find insane is just how much of hp Lovecraft’s work is relevant to all of this, we live in a placid island of ignorance and it is not meant for u to journey too far

  5. I dont know if this means anything. but after what happend i ended up having angel wings tattoo’d on my back…. twice I have nearly died.. once because of being stung of over 300 hornets. and having a major allergic reaction.. leaving me totally out of it, on the brink of passing over… second time I had a serious work accident, cut a long story short. basically I cut through a power cable that wasn’t meant to be live or even there were I was cutting through some floor boards. throwing me ten feet backwards, hitting my head on the window sill, knocking myself out, then falling through a 16inch by 3ft gap. ten feet head and shoulder first onto concrete, smashing my head even more… again i was on the brink.. guy I was working with found me foaming at the mouth, having a fit.. but this time while unconscious, I was infront of nothing.. whiteness. but a little black dot in the distance.. both times very faintly I could someone calling my name.. dont know who it was. the back dot slowly getting closer and closer.. then a shape of a figure with what can only discribe as wings.. but faceless.. whatever is was. I think saved me… ill never forget it.. it was weird. dont know if I was dreaming because of being out of it.. or I was at the pearly gates.. it was the voice that brought me back.. but i dont kno who that voice belonged too… mayb I’m just weird… i dont kno..

    1. Bloody hell, mate! You have really been through it! Your time was obviously not up. Incredible that you survived both of those horrendous things.

      1. thanks pal… i dont know how I survived either. even weirder when I fell through the floor I didn’t break any bones.. just did muscle ligament and nerve damage to the whole of my right side.. and my head looked like half a rugby ball.. something saved me, and as u say it wasn’t time… i never used to beleive in anything until after that day. and why I had angel wings tattoed.. but Treen still really asleep.. its only like many the past 18 months I have really woken up. and realised what’s happening. and that it wasn’t luck I had.. it really wasn’t my time. and beleive it could of been a passed relative that brought me back…

    2. Have you ever seen “I Can See Paradise”. It’s about Ian McCormack’s near death experience. Very powerful.

  6. iv looked into my family history/tree… my family i can only trace back to the 1800’s…. although there ar e quite a lot of the mayers name around the world.. and many in england… im not related to any of them..just my family that I can farce back to 1800..its weird.. .. which makes me think.. did my ancestors come here on the orphen train…shipped to a new country and given new identity’ s….it dont make any sense…

  7. Dom, Chris
    I’m finding that the more you go into the subjects covered Johnathan , Jerry and your own experiences, the more this resonates with things I have likewise encountered. I believe we are very much capable of more than the conscious mind understands and only at your most restful times, for example during sleep or meditation, are some of these things unlocked.
    I believe that we are all connected and that only those who are willing to open their minds actually experience this feeling; for me this is during periods of deep sleep / relation and sadly not consistent.

    Likewise I think others can connect to your consciousness during these periods and many regard these moments to be “Dreams”. As something Jerry once discussed, I have sometimes woken from a very good nights sleep feeling physically exhausted, almost like I haven’t slept at all ……. Very Odd!

    As something Chris talks about with “Synchronicity”; on occasions I can be thinking of someone close to me and while randomly looking out of my window and see them walking past my house seconds or a few minutes later. I joke with the people this happens to and refer to it as my “radar”

    I too believe we are where we “intend” ourselves to be and our lives (Good or oddly Bad) are what was always intended, Why would we “Intend” a life that was not filled with “Riches and Luxury”, who knows, but I think that is the purposeful pathway “Life Experience” we set for ourselves.

    Just to be clear after saying all of this; although I was raised a Christian and when to a COE School where Religious Education was very much part of the curriculum, I have no religious leanings either-way.

  8. Hello Chris and Dom.. I always enjoy your podcasts/videos. As you say, it is good to keep an open mind and and ask questions. Jonathan sounds like a really nice bloke. I think we are all capable of ESP (for want of a better description). I have had lucid dreams (mostly after taking acid – which I did a lot in the 1980s – I wanted to open the doors of perception!) and I have had ‘presentiments’ in dreams – haven’t we all?… Do coincidences exist? I am beginning to doubt this (nothing the Cabal does is coincidental). I just feel uneasy describing dissenters as ‘special’ or ‘beautiful’ people. We are just people who piss and shit like anybody else! Everyone wants to be ‘special’ these days (you only have to look at the plethora of narcissists on social media). We don’t believe the current nonsense. It could simply be because we do not watch TV. Everybody I know who has bought into the madness watches the MSM and reads newspapers. They have been properly brainwashed. Those of us who look for information elsewhere can see the lies and insanity. In my opinion, we need to take action, like the French. Rebel or die! Unfortunately, I don’t think love is enough.. PS I am not from Yorkshire. Does that make me a bad person?😃

    1. I haven’t watched the news in years but occasionally get a snippet of the nonsense. It’s like water off a ducks back that me but I hear people talking about it that are truly brainwashed. I gave up sometime ago trying to enlighten people. It’s like they have their hands over their ears going blah blah blah. They really don’t want any facts that haven’t come from the msm. Some have even stopped stopped talking to me because I haven’t taken the snake oil but true friends accept it’s my choice and decision. I like your ‘special’ analogy.

  9. Hi Dom & Chris. Just listening to this and couldn’t believe Jonathan said he went to Brighouse Methodist Church medium evenings. I grew up in Brighouse (Rastrick) and went to a few of those evenings myself with a couple of friends. I think I was around 15 so it’ll have been ’86/’87. I only got ‘picked out’ once and I was also told I could do the medium thing and that I had two guardian angels; a sailor and a young girl. When I was 22, I went to see a clairvoyant called Bridget Benson in Sowerby Bridge and she too said I could ‘do this’. Then, lol, when I was 24, I went to see a medium in Pudsey, a chap, who said the same. However, I never took it any further. I was a bit put off when the Pudsey guy said ‘they’ come to you when you’re tired, a bit sleepy and, to be fair, that scared me a bit at the time. It’s only the last few years that I’ve really felt ‘spiritual’ and clearly see the synchronicities, which have ramped up in recent months, especially between me and me other ‘arf. Thanks for all your stuff, I really enjoy it xx

  10. 27:30 Trapping you inside a computer. Have you guys watched The Cube Trilogy of movies? The first one was released in 1997. Check them out, you’ll find them interesting… especially the first one.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen those. I agree, an interesting trilogy. I came across them searching for escape room type films and The Cube trilogy was in the list.

  11. That was absolutely awesome. I didn’t want that podcast to end. The greatest insights to what is happening in the world right now explained to us by three working class northerners but no surprises there. More confirmation of how we have been brainwashed by the controllers that we are less intelligent than our betters, which in reality is the polar opposite. We are the ones with the wisdom, I’ve known that all along. The ‘people in charge’ are absolute idiots and are are only there because they are born into privileged positions. That podcast was an absolute inspiration and I feel so much more empowered, enlightened, motivated and energised after listening to that. Thanks so much for that intelligent conversation guys. Food for the soul. God bless you all and your families. I love listening to your podcasts and it fills me with hope when I listen to you guys. Proper decent, good, grounded people who should be really running the whole show. Fair play to you and funny as well! Awesome work guys! 👍😎xxx

  12. Thanks from rainy London stripping stripping paint of back door my lot in Portugal I’m not going No Jib Jab I soo love listening to you both and your Northern sense of humour great guests never want videos to end 😊

  13. Brilliant interview guys, love your work and I’m grateful for it.
    Thank you Johnathan
    I love you all
    The bastardisation of our true nature and deception has been in play for a very long time.
    There are no coincidences just godincidences. Only Love is real, Fear is man made.
    I chose this life and I’m working on the deprogramming and enlarging on my divine beautiful self in unison with the oneness.
    My mantra is ‘I do not consent, I’m not buying what your selling, I’m in THE truth, always creating my own reality while wearing my batfink wings.
    Absolutely everything that has happened in my life, which has been colourful to say the least has brought me to this moment.
    I wouldn’t change any of it for one moment and this past year and a half has been the most liberating and purposeful moments in this incarnation.
    Question everything….
    Love and light always🐳
    Dom you mentioned oxygen therapy, I’m in Glasgow, I was wondering if you have any good links or info you could share.

  14. That was great. It could have been a 3 hour podcast! Thanks to Jonathan for his time.
    Also thanks to the both of you Dom and Chris. It was also great to see the both of you on Rise Above. 🙂

    1. Cheers Steven,

      We really enjoyed the RA experience, meeting so many likeminded people is always good and the viewer interactions makes the show a real live event too.

  15. Hi Dom and Chris I love your podcasts and you have me as far as this but I am a doubting Thomas when it comes to beliefs. I am not sure if I have a healthy opinion in this when it comes to anything that smacks of religion or cults, the result of bad experience, lies, brainwashing, fear and authoritarianism. The scaly eyed people are definitely here on earth and whether they are here or another realm I say, fuck off.

    1. Hi James

      I don’t beLIEve anything at all, but I never throw out anything either. And I agree about the other entities they can F/off



  16. Specially modified Toyotas from Texas exported to Afghanistan talitubbies and Syria ISIS. Got to keep your proxy enemies mobile 🙂

    Human history extends much farther back than the last ice age, the knowledge is coveted more than Gold.

    All human malignant evil influence harks back to the Rothschilds, Windsors and Rockefellers. They are societal parasites, and endeavour to protect their own kind.

    Soil depletion is just another part of the population control agenda. If you want to know what is good for you just look at the foods and supplements they (pawns of the above) try to demonise and restrict. In the EU Bayer lobbied to get vitamin C added to the codex Alimentarius, you can no longer legally buy it in bulk. Meat and fat are another notable example.

  17. Thank you gentlemen.
    I have listened to this broadcast twice now. Both times when Dom spoke of the car accident with the old gentleman. My skin instantly became a size too small. (Not goose bumps) And tears spring into my eyes. This happens to me every so often when, in my opinion, I hear the truth around unexplained supernatural events. A special kind of resonance maybe?
    Synchronicity is off the hook for me at the moment, I’ve almost become complacent about it. Craziest one was my two sons both spoke to me about sinkholes that have appeared near their homes. One in Spain, one in UK?
    Looking forward to your next broadcast, love what you guys do🙏🏼🕉

  18. Hi

    Just an idea but would you like to interview me about 9/11 with the anniversary coming up? I’m a journalist who has covered it for the MSM. I’d need to have to ask permission to take part in a podcast with yourselves and would need to send them a copy before it is aired though in case they think I am crossing any lines. Here is one of my articles on 9/11:



      1. Hi Dom, just got your message at last! I didn’t get a notification for some reason but no I’ve not read it but would be glad to speak to you about it for a podcast but definitely not my specialist subject. I am more interested in why 9/11 happened rather than how the buildings fell down. Same with the plandemic, I don’t care about if it’s the flu rebranded, or from a bat or out of a lab, I’m just interested in why things are happening how they are now. I can’t say much on here but let’s say I’m frustrated with the MSM portrayal of 9/11 and Covid. I’ve left you another message on your latest podcast so drop me a line if you get the chance. Off to bed now 🙂

  19. Hey Dom and Chris,

    I was putting off listening to this podcast due to the cringe moments I knew I’d encounter, but I survived and in general applaud your efforts to consider spiritual and physical evidence in your research (didn’t see that coming to be honest). Wherever the source comes from, if info is true, then so be it, like Chris’ experience seeing the UFO. That was your experience, no one can tell you what you DID or DIDN’T see. Chris, (or Dom too) you might like to check out Nathan Wheeler’s testimony. He had many spiritual experiences as a child and decided to check out one of the eastern religions that focuses on opening the third eye since he basically opened his own before even joining the group, he talks about some of his trips out of his body, a voice that told him what to do when he was drowning as a child., etc. (

  20. Just started listening, one thing right off the bat you hit the nail on the head is all the symbolism and almost like they’re playtibgh a game absolutely ripping the piss and trolling us with the bond villain. That’s nailed on piss take and no accident.

  21. Fellow Yorkshire lass, also went to uni in Huddersfield…loved it! but haven’t been there in years – parish was the place to be for me and my friends 🙂
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I found you guys by chance 2 days ago and I’ve listened to hours upon hours already! I’m hooked! so awesome to find others who see what the hell is going on…and also that you talk on the spiritual too. Aside from my mum, best friend (and her mum) and my father-in-law, I can’t relate to many people anymore. My 4.5 year relationship is ending and I’m struggling to keep my shit together with my son’s father who chooses to ignore most of what’s going on.

    Thank you for your laid back, but also fascinating chats and the hours of research you do. I’m laughing and “baa’ing” along too 🙂

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