Sheep Farm 27 | Mint Sauce Chronicles #4 | What The HEK-293 Is Soylent Green

We will be chatting about various things today and then in the last 45mins we’ll discuss the controversial use of human tissues or more specifically Growth Modified Human Foetus Cells in food, drink and pharmaceutical products . This information may surprise and shock some of you it did me several years ago when I started researching this for myself. Personally, I feel I have a duty to put this type of information out there once I learn about it. The rest is then up to you to make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions, from the information.


  1. You never listed all the foods which contain said ingredients. My favourite chocolate is Cadbury’s but ONLY the original, not the later versions that contain non gm soya and other ingredients. Do share what you know. Also can’t believe Walkers Crisps. Shouldn’t eat crisps at all really. We definitely need to take seriously our input – literally !

    1. These ingredients are hidden as ‘manufacturing ingredients’ so they’re never listed in the packets. A lot of skimmed milk is sweetened with enhancers prior to making a product, so on the packet it will just say skimmed milk.

  2. Dom and Chris,

    Thank you for this broadcast, I done some research, but this broadcast filled some gaps.
    I agree with you it is satanic and form of child sacrifice, must be as what else could it be…

    It is sad how people been brainwashed, and still amazes me what this plandemic did, lots of people been awaken and seek for truth, however loads still prefer to be lied and enjoy the fact that decision making had been removed from them, do as they told. Even, if someone in their close environment has severe side effects it is not because of jib jab. My manager friends daughter who is only 18 fighting for a life in hospital after 1st dose, when I suggested it’s because of this medical experiment she denied, and was convincing me that 18th year old is sick with Covid because she had only one dose so not fully protected, so sad in a way. However, people who follow this plandemia driving it all and in a way screw things for future generations, including own kids and grandkids.

    It is noticeable suicide are on rise, my friend lives in a village which people often pick to end their life (tall bridge and rail track), in the past it was about one to two deaths a month, now she says it is two a week, one week it was 3 people…

    Thank you for all your hard work.
    Much appreciated.

  3. Suicides have quadrupled here in Canada where I live. A nurse in local liver transplant unit said that they normally don’t have enough livers but over cv lockdown they had more than they could use because of all opioid deaths and suicides.

      1. Good point. Pretty soon that could be our only industry. Spare Parts R Us.

        The highest number of suicides was amongst males age 21-29. Young men in their prime and lost future fathers.

        Statistics Canada just published data of deaths July 2020-2021 and showed 4 x as many people died of ‘consequences of lockdown’ than were registered as dying of covid.

        1. The whole thing is disgusting on so many levels, but when ‘we’ try to help we are shot down in flames, ridiculed and ostracised.

  4. Dom, can you provide a link or 2 to the information you researched for this? Not that I don’t believe you but because I would like to get more informed and need somewhere to start. Also how did you first learn of it?

      1. Thanks Dom.
        Out of all the videos you have done this one freaked me out the most. I am glad you posted it. Just when I think I’ve seen the depth of the evil and corruption going on, more keeps coming. Nothing is sacred with these people.

  5. Hi Lads,

    Great episode

    Much appreciated, I’ve shared your stuff with some friends in Ireland who are enjoying these also



  7. Hi Dom & Chris
    Many thanks for all the videos/podcasts, I’ve listened to most of them and enjoy the banter between the two of you, it makes me laugh as well as being informative. A great way to learn, unlike our education system.
    Having done quite a bit of research myself into the food industry, I realised quite quickly, we are being poisoned. I think this helped me spot the Convid BS, however I didn’t realise there was human foetus cells in Cadbury’s chocolate and Walkers crisps, another 2 off the list!
    Thanks again

  8. Do either of you remember a film called ‘The Stuff’? Was just talking about how food is filled with rubbish and then remembered this and thought of you guys and this presentation you did – which was brilliant btw.
    Bit of a tangent but had to post it 😆
    Anyway I’m off to enjoy your latest Mint Sauce!
    Keep doing what you’re doing!!
    Enjoy your evening!!

  9. Tried to tell my mother in law about this. She said don’t be so stupid but then refused to look into it. People are actually happy in their ignorance now. Doing what they are told hourly is their new freedom. People are more than getting in my last nerve! Great work Dom and Chris I love everything you do. The comedy cheers everyone up also x

  10. Hi guys thank you so much for your sanity in these dark times. I knew, when Cadbury’s were bought out by Kraft it was the end of my favourite (and local) choccy (I’m a Birmingham lass). But this has astounded me. I even knew about the beaver anal gland (I mean – how is it easier to use beaver anal gland than real strawberries FGS) but the foetal cells in food – jeese! My friend is a vegan, and she has merrily chomped through Oreos….. how can they get away with it? Shouldn’t they have to declare that they’re Not suitable for vegetarians – or indeed, anyone not keen on cannibalism? Sorry long text. Thank you again.

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