Sheep Farm 25 Podcast #4 Dawn Lester & David Parker – What Really Makes You Ill?

What Really Makes You Ill?

Dawn Lester and David Parker have backgrounds in the fields of Accountancy and Electrical Engineering, respectively.
In this relaxed chat, we discuss, Germ Theory, Viruses, the Spanish Flu and much more.


  1. Brilliant ๐Ÿ‘ 2hrs well spent I will also be purchasing that book . A book people should read is ‘ a state of fear ‘ by Laura dodsworth it’s about how the government weaponised fear during the pandemic ๐Ÿ‘

  2. hi Chris. was just wondering with you have Lyme, can u help people who have fibromyalgia… im meant to take meds.. gabapentin.. but cant coz they make me puke..i have a intolerance to many chemicals., pharma drugs and anything used to clean, bleach, etc. even some perfumes and deodorants make me puke.. i do use ganga for pain. but it does help, but not fully…

    1. Hi Scott

      This is Dom, and its me who has Lyme. The Fibromyalgia phenomenon plays a part in Lyme symptoms. Fibro has it’s roots set in ‘toxification’ of the body and yet the medical/pharma industry want to add more toxicity to the body in the form of petro-chemical drugs like gabapentin.
      Where are you based, here in the UK?

      Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. hi Dom. sorry i got u mixed up… yes im burnley lancashire.. oh iv not heard about fibro being possible caused by toxicity.. they told me its my small fibre nerves that are faulty.. . but now u say it kinda makes sense as I have a high intolerance to a lot of chemicals.. pharma drugs are a being a big no no for me.. i just cant stomach them.. or the strong smell of any chemical. ie bleach, or any kind of cleaning products, perfumes and deodarnats… even the smell of muck spreading makes me puke.. and iv grown up around farms although not a farmer. I don’t really know if its fibro or not.. i had a bad accident at work In 2009..working on a barn conversion. id been working inside repairing some old floor joice and building a false wall for an onsuite bathroom.. i was cutting through a section of board to fit the soul plate.. but cut through a live cable that wasn’t meant to be there or live.. it threw me 10 feet backwards I smashed my head on a window sill. knocking myself out.. i then fell through a 16 inch by 3 feet gap, through the joice and fell head and shoulder first 10 feet onto concrete.. i didnt break any bones but did lots of muscle ligament and nerve damage to most of my right side.. shoulder, hip, knee, ankles(both), left wrist… and my head looked like half a rugby ball… so fibro could be a miss diagnosis..i dont kno….. you mention you changed your diet.. i do eat a lot of fruit and veg, i dont drink alcohol but i do some the herb… i dont drink fizzy pops or anything I do like a good cup of tea lol… i eat chicken and fish, don’t eat much red meat.. ill have a steak tho…… ill have a look into the toxicity thing thanks, i had no idea that fibro is caused by toxins..

        1. Hi Scott

          On another note, we run a clinic in Halifax offering Ozone Procedures and IV Vitamins. Do some research on Ozone for fibro. Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. hi Dom.. thats good to know.. I might have a venture over to your clinic… i do take vitamin d tablets.. ihave done for a long time since I first found out I had fibro.. well if it is fibro… used to be off the doctors. but he stopped giving ghfem me for some unknown reason.. i also take the multi vitamin cod liver oil tablet. but don’t seem to have much releif with them. perhaps I need more natural vitamins..

      3. hi Dom and Chris.. just listening to wfhat the heck, and you mention flat earth. like yourself I’m not a flat earther but a truther… anyway.. look into the tartarian race and empire.. and mudfloods.. seemingly wipe from history.. its very interesting.. this race could be the ones responsible for building all the massive buildings around the world and all of the same kind of build.. massive buildings with towers and tomes on top. with spires… buildings we are beleived to told be built by the victorians. some earlier.. look into 1800 san fransisco or Australia.. places that were colonised by mostly convicts probably unskilled, but in 20 years or so.. built san fransico, or Melbourne, Sydney…. all very weird.. and more like they inherited the buildings, rather than build them

        1. Yes it is very interesting isn’t it, we watch and research all of what you mentioned, it is all very weird

          Cheers Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This was just excellent. I didn’t want it to end. Thank you all so much๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ•‰

  4. I’ve read the book, but there was additional information on the podcast.

    In their next interview with you, I would like you to ask them:
    Do viruses exist, does our body create them and what is their function?

  5. Love your show, but sorry guys these 2 are IMHO complete quacks. They are practically reguritating word for word the book “virusmania” when they are talking about how they (an electrical engineer and accountant) decided to “go and look at the gay scene in the USA” and concluded it was poppers what did it, init – I knew what they were going to say before they said it because, yes, I have read Virusmania.

    A book written by actual doctors.

    I’m also an electrical engineer, but I don’t try to pass myself off as a doctor.

    If you look at their website it is identical to the “web design company” that created it (i.e. same theme), and on that web design company all of the blogs are imported “Lorum Ipsum etc” type content.

    The research on your other videos is awesome, this is laughable.

    Sorry, but it comes across as 2 totally (medically) unqualified people repeating what they’ve read somewhere and talking as though they are medical experts.

    If I were you I’d delete it asap.

    1. Lans

      I have to disagree with you here, their research probably took them to books like Virusmania (this book was released 1yr after Dawn & David’s book), what they have done is aggregate fantastic information into one place. They are not Drs and never said they were health experts.

      And I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the so called Medical experts are trying to push experimental drugs on us all, I’d call that quackery.

      Thanks for the comments though everyone has the rights to their own opinions & views, and we can’t ensure you’ll enjoy everything we do.


      Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I think you’d do better to interview someone like Bhakdi or Yeadon – anyone can read some stuff and aggregate it, it doesn’t mean they understand it, I think it weakens your stance, it’s an easy target to aim at for the pro-vax lobby.

        Anyway I enjoy 99.9% of what you do, your research is fantastic and shows are entertaining, thanks for doing what you do, I appreciate it must be a ton of work.

    2. i used to be nurse for 24 years . i can tell you this . medication is poison . Doctors are dealing illness not healing . the body will heal with the right fuel and enough energy . the nhs is criminal .

  6. What can i say!!! Totally brilliant!!! I hope they do return again for some interesting truths!!! Take care!!!

  7. Thank you so much. I’ll need to buy their book but, I’d really like to hear some more. I had no idea about virus and germ theories explained today.

  8. Love all your videos, especially the Flockers. Must say this interview was fascinating. I was diagnosed with Graveโ€™s approximately six years ago. Around two years ago I changed aspects of my diet and started taking Vit C, B12, VitD and zinc. About a year ago I was taken off my medication after having it reduced on several occasions with a normal thyroid reading. I have to have four blood tests before the doctor says my thyroid is normal or in remission. Iโ€™m due my fourth one tomorrow. But apparently even with a normal thyroid function I still have the autoimmune Graveโ€™s disease. Confused ๐Ÿ˜. I feel healthy and so happy not to be on medication. Putting my faith in myself and natural medication.
    Looking forward to hearing from David and Dawn on Sheep Farm soon.

  9. Very interesting. I’d not heard of the Lester’s before.

    I’m not sure what I think about their views on antibiotics. I do feel there is a place for them in the case of severe infection. I think they are definitely over used, but have most certainly saved lives. That aside, I do know from experience the severe damage drugs can cause. As mentioned before, drugs caused my autoimmune disorder. But like a complete moron I took even more toxic drugs to try and stop the horrendous pain I was in (including biological drugs/warfare). It took a while before I finally realised I was making things worse

    I think this is the case for most people. I’m guessing that it isn’t until one sees loved ones getting worse on medical treatments, or perhaps has first hand experience of worsening health through medicine, that the penny finally drops. We all want a quick fix, to stop the pain or whatever ails us as quick as possible. We are taught that anything other than Western medicine is dangerous quackery. Some of it might be of course, but what most folks are totally unaware of is the danger that lurks in their medicine cabinet. The majority of folks I know absolutely trust their docs and pharma. Not one questioned the safety and appropriateness of the jab…not one! A few years ago I might have done the same. Now that is scary!

    1. Hi Jeanette, its a minefield I went through the same process, of attempting to get my head round the fact that Anti biotics are not good for me.
      Thanks for the comment


  10. Fantastic show as always guys! So fascinating and makes so much sense! Thank you so much for all your hard work …your podcasts are something I really look forward too and you never disappoint! Much love xx

  11. This was a delightful ramble for a Sunday afternoon.. And a relief to listen to, in essence of teaching peoples something sensible.
    My background is in nutritional science & therapy; specialising in Natural Hygiene/raw vegan Fruitarian diet/water only fasting.
    Iโ€™ve been consuming a fruitarian diet for most of 30 years. I learned from & participate with some significant leaders in this movement.
    Degenerative disease, colds & fluโ€™s do not exist in our community once a person is cleaned out with water only fasting & adhering to our species specific diet of fruit & soft tender greens.
    To be honest, weโ€™re bemused by those still trying to fix problems by treating symptoms with natural herbs & medicines, which are toxic in themselves ..instead of focusing on creating health.. Let alone considering the horrors of allopathic treatments.

    Anyway.. I throughly enjoy the Sheep Farm & Mince Sauce Chronicles.. My humour is that of satire.. Iโ€™ve only to tune into daily situation updates with Mike Adams (founder of Brighteon) to get a dose of insane humour; before I even start with the sheep farm rambles ..

    But thank you ..Iโ€™ve learned lots of extra details & insights from your podcasts over the last while & todays discussion was an interesting change from recent topics..

    My small contribution is to review hours of science based articles & interviews & share across the telegram community & to some more organised news feeds, like Mark playne with Not on The Beeb ..etc.

    Please do invite this couple to join you both again ..I look forward to tuning in. Always something new to learn & share ..both small & large ๐ŸŒŸ

    May The Force Be With Us All

    1. The force with us, the farce with them.
      We are it, integral part of Nature with a capital N.
      Which they seek to destroy/replace/control by artificial means.

      Terms like Full Spectrum Dominance are not limited to battlefields.
      There was and is a war in heaven, and an educated guess would be
      to state that The Renaissance has also been the birth of anti-humanism.

      The masonic G is not limited to gnosis and or gnosticism,
      but also includes the key concepts genus/genius and genesis/genetics.

      Dr. Thomas Cowan explaining “why-ruses” while also citing Rudolf Steiner
      in under 10 minutes:

      1. Misko, great comment, and love the video, I think I’ve seen it before but it is a good re-cap.

        Cheers Dom

  12. Excellent, thanks all.
    Ordered the book and looking forward to reading it.
    If I’d known it was available other than via Amazon I’d have done that. (I ordered it before I got to that part.)

  13. Love your podcast, sorry to hear you and your wife have Lymes.

    We found a tick at the base of my 4 year old son’s head 2 days after a walk in the forest in England. We had to fly him to another country because it was during lockdown, and the doctor who tried to remove it actually broke it (so pieces of the tick remained in my son).

    To our horror, he was diagnosed with Lymes. He was placed on a heavy course of antibiotics for 4 weeks, and he has been for several check-ups since. He still has Lymes antibodies, but we believe he’s okay.

    So do I believe in “germ theory”? You bet I do! It may not hold true in all cases, but I know from first hand experience that it holds true for Lymes.

    I understand the Lymes is caused by a bacteria, which is different to a virus. I’m still undecided when it comes to “virus theory”.

    I have never been vaccinated. When I asked my mother why, she told me it was because she had a friend who’s two young boys went blind after being vaccinated (this was in the 1970s). I’ve only been to hospital twice – one due to a motorcycle accident, another time due to a car accident. Likewise, my son has never been vaccinated.

    Anyway, when your guest (at around 28:57) claims that “…bacteria are alive, but they’re not disease causing bad guys…”, I know she has no idea what she’s talking about.

    1. Hi Andy

      Thanks for your comment, regards ‘Germ Theory’ & ‘Terrain Theory’.

      I think we all or a large proportion of us carry the borrelia (Lyme) bacteria. 50% who have Lyme were never bitten, I wasn’t nor my wife, so I now have a slightly different view to you and my guests.

      I now call it Lyme Syndrome, not Disease.

      Please bare in mind that I have studied Lyme very deeply, more so than any of the research I have done in any of these podcasts. But I don’t class myself as an expert whatever that means.

      If our terrain is good we are less likely to develop chronic illness, this makes sense. If we are health compromised we are more susceptible to illness, this also makes sense.

      So your son for instance may have a great constitution biologically. Hence why no symptoms. I know lots of people who are bitten and never get a symptom.

      In the 50s at Rocky Mountain Lab, Fort Detrick Lab & Plum Island Research Lab all US (and probably at Porton Down UK) they experimented with ticks in a Bio Warfare operation, these ticks were injected with bacteria and chemicals, then millions were dropped all over the US and Europe as part of a huge experiment.

      Once something is weaponised it is not what we think it is, and all bets are off. Germ Theory is a theory as is terrain theory, they’re ideas not a law.

      The spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme) is an ‘obligate parasite’, so it’s probably not bacteria in the first place, so anti-biotics wouldn’t work either. This is the issue, we are told things to beLIEve, that contain elements of truth, lies and story telling to make up the difference, making deciphering difficult.

      I don’t don’t beLIEve in anything now. To believe means we don’t know, which then means we’ve handed over our jurisdiction to others.

      All the best to you and your family ๐Ÿ™‚

      Cheers Dom

    2. Andy, I know someone in Vienna who got Lyme’s symptoms from a tick, so that prompted me to get the tick vaccine, which is fairly popular here in Austria. One of the only vaccines I’ve had as an adult. I don’t know the guy’s full history, but the tick bit him in America, and he used to play violin or guitar (I think) but now he can’t play for an extended period of time anymore and can’t practice to be at the level he wants for any performances (of course in Vienna the level people think they have to be at to perform is very high), in his late 40s or early 50s at this point. Glad to hear your son is doing well.

      1. Julie K

        Personally I wouldn’t have any vaccine let alone the Lyme Vaccine and I have Lyme!

    3. Wow – flying abroad to get a tick removed? Sorry, but I just used to twist the little blighters off my kids, and cats (and once off myself) you can get little forks for trapping them between their abdomens and the host skin, and you just twist them off. I never imagined testing for any further problems, but I would if symptoms emerged.

  14. Brilliant, really informative and well presented. The truth will reign one day. Glad Iโ€™m one of the 5% but so sad to see the majority of sheep are clueless to whatโ€™s occurring. Looking forward to a follow up..keep it up lads&lasses..

    1. I am glad to be 1 of the 5% too, my daughter doesn’t believe that is only 5% of the population that is awake, she tells me she thinks it’s a larger proportion, yeah sure more are waking up but it’s still not that many in the grand scale of things.

  15. Dom & Chris great show. I ordered their book, “What really makes you ill”. Looking forward to the read. I love these Podcasts, videos etc, What I do is download the series’. As soon as I can donate, I’ll show my gratitude. the thing with the last two videos I couldn’t download these. I know I am being illegal but I’ll pass it on great news. You see I am from Ireland and before BREXIT, and Britain were “in” (Officially, anyway) the EU. Ireland I said that Ireland were about 15 years behind the UK when it cam to society and Laws. We’re all the same, being proven with this latest Georgia Guidestones Foretelling …

    Anyway Lads keep up the great work


    1. Hi Danny, you can download the Audio of all our podcasts as MP3 from Podomatic, Google Podcasts, Amazon, and Spotify if you have these.

      Hopefully soon we’ll be able offer free Audio downloads on our website as we’re making changes.

      Hope this helps, Dom

  16. My sister works for Nature so you can imagine why I’ve never bothered trying to talk to her about things!

    Also if you try to look for the suicide numbers on the ONS website it says they can’t release those figures because inquests need to be conducted and they can take months. Just another excuse to hide the truth.

    1. The cover up is so huge Sue, ‘normies’ can’t begin to even consider they’re being lied to. They’re lobotomised sadly, friends, family members and work colleagues. I fear for them I really do.
      Suicide numbers are going through the roof we all know this, a chap i knew did himself in 2 weeks ago.
      Keep strong and safe


      1. If there’s one word I never wanna hear again it’s safe lol

        Have you and Chris considered doing a vid abt all the money used to bribe us into not rioting? The furlough scheme, increase in Universal Credit and laptops for schoolkids etc and their plan to take it all away from us? Would be interesting seeing a breakdown of it all.

  17. There are many so call truthers trying to wake people up but at the end of the video or podcast they would either ask for donations or suggest you buy something from their websites which always makes me wonder…..

    I have invested countless amount of time reading watching videos listening etc. but haven’t found anyone like you YES YOU DOM and your Brother of course …I personally think that everyone in the UK should listen to you or at least visit your website once and encourage others to do the we all know that knowledge is power so I have been sharing your website all over telegram group pages and I think people like hugotalks the UK column and all should share your website …… I understand that the hard work you put in is priceless but you deffinetely deserve something special and I do hope that God rewards you our brother and the whole crew behind the scenes for everything you guys are doing
    Me and my wife we love what you are doing and we would like to thank you for everything

    God bless you my brother and keep up the good work

    1. Hi Chaser5110

      Thanks for your comment, we too like you have invested time reading and watching etc.

      Hugo has shared our releases, he seems like a good guy, so have UK Column. Thank you for sharing too.

      Peace and respect

      Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Thank you for all your hard work – on my short list of ‘go to guys’ for info and reassurance….

  19. Hi Chris and Dom

    I so look forward to your podcasts. This one was great. Since the start of covid, I have been reading about the frankly mind-blowing concept that viruses donโ€™t exist and so canโ€™t cause disease. Iโ€™ve had to let this percolate for many months before truly understanding. I consider myself fairly well advanced along the path to what is essentially realising everything, everything is bullshit. But this realisation is a journey and not an event. What other paradigms await destruction? I am not afraid of this. I relish the discovery, like an explorer in a foreign land.

    Keep on with what your doing, lads, with your lovely accents ๐Ÿ˜

    1. For what ever reason we all seem to be on this journey of discovery Catherine, this nonsense has brought us all together to project our energies against tyranny !



  20. I was led to believe that the younger you are when you are diagnosed with cancer, the worse the prognosis. Apparently, younger person replicates cancer cells at a more rapid rate, especially when pregnant. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer when she was pregnant. She was told by medical professionals that in order to survive she would need to terminate the pregnancy. She chose not to and died within a year of giving birth. I wonder what Dawn and David think of this?

    1. Totally depends on the type of Cancer. There isn’t any one type, they are all vastly different and complex. That’s why there is no “cure for cancer”. Some more localised, others more diffuse and those that metastesise spread, those that grow slowly and those that invade rapidly.

      Cancer is generally an old persons disease. It’s a statistical disease based on your genetic makeup and exposure to certain risk factors, your diet, the work environment i.e. if you’re exposed to carcinogens of which there are many i.e. benzene in cig smoke,

      Carcinogens basically bind and react with cells DNA and can cause mutations in the genetic code. These mutations can cause cells to differentiate and become malignant (cancerous). It can take many millions of mutations before the DNA becomes changed to a malignant code. If your genetic make up is close to a cancerous gene already then it will take less mutations and so you are more susceptible. DNA is mutating a lot and the bodies cellular mechanisms are constantly repairing these mutations. Hence why at some point your luck runs out and especially in old age people ultimately die of cancer. Cancer death rising would generally signal a more aging population I would argue.

      Cancer chemotherapeutics are correctly cytotoxic and kill not just Cancer cells. But the reason they work is that generally cancer cells grow quicker than normal healthy cells so during cell division DNA is unwound. The chemo which mainly acts by binding to DNA has its chance to work and offers some specificity to kill cancer cells, but also has impacts on cells that grow quickly i.e. hair follicles hence why hair falls out or the gums become painful. Some chemo work by other mechanisms by interrupting other cellular processes. There are many advanced chemotherapies being worked on to actively target cancer cells specifically by taking advantage of certain cell differences I e cancer cells are generally hypoxic because of poor blood capillary structure so drugs could be activated by low oxygen levels there. Many many more mechanisms are being explored. Cis-platin which is a platinum compound believe it or not is one of the most successful chemotherapy agents (just ask Lance Ballstrong) and was discovered by chance, just like penicillin.

  21. Great interview. Thanks for this.
    We are bolted down here in Sydney (Australia) until August 28. The NSW Government has been pulling so-called case numbers out of their arses and have successfully scared millions of gullible people. It’s disgusting and they are continuing to destroy the economy and people’s lives. There have been reports that those who have died had all taken the vaccine, but of course the controlled media won’t tell you this. One ‘Doctor’ in a press conference told Sydney siders NOT talk to each other to prevent the spread of the ‘virus’. She, of course, was not challenged on this ludicrous comment – the media just lapping up the trash these ‘health experts’ tell them. Let’s see if they try to extend the bolt downs beyond August 28.

    1. Yes I’ve got that press conference on the SF YouTube Ch, crazy bitch.

      We’re in observer mode, let them play their stupid games I’m not going along with it any way. The sheep sadly will become victims.

      1. Yes I saw you have that clip Dom. She is also beyond crazy..she is a full on psychopath.
        I’m also in observer mode, although when I am out (I don’t care about their bolt downs, I still go wherever I want) I do make comments as I’m walking by people who are wearing a mask outside in the open air. I’m over it…they ARE mindless individuals and they have to be told off at any opportunity and put in their place.
        Poor sheep (the actual animals). I feel sorry for them. The shepherd is actually the wolf. Showing affection, feeding them, ‘caring’ for them..and then sending them to slaughter, while these animals trusted the shepherd all the time. That’s kinda what is happening to society today.
        Society has placed their faith and trust in certain individuals who now want to lead us to slaughter.

  22. Greetings chaps,

    Thanks for uploading the podcast, really interesting.

    I have a quick question. During the chat a brief reference was made about RH negative blood. Is there some significance in this particular blood group?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jellybean

      The Rh comment certainly stirred up some response. Rh- makes up 15% of the population apparently. However Rh- in different blood types A B O etc are different too. It could also be a red herring.

      However all blood groups react differently yet we have one size fits all medicines this does not make sense, and deserves more scrutiny. Maybe its a future show? Dom

  23. The first time I heard that contagion and pandemics donโ€™t exist was from Dr A Kaufman. I really appreciated this podcast. I will check their website as well. ๐Ÿ’š

  24. Thanks again for another great broadcast, both.
    I had bought Dawn and David’s book last year, and was very impressed but am now wondering if ‘viruses’ don’t exist does that mean the phenomenon of ‘shedding’ is a fallacy?? (the Fluenz Tetra ‘flu jab, given to children last year, has the contraindication for the child not to go near people with compromised immune systems for a month or two after being jabbed!). Just saying!!

    1. Hi JanW

      I think there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors about shedding, if its not a virus and it a ‘poison’ maybe there is a shedding part to this, by passing on toxic excretions on to others.

      That probably explains why some family members in a household get ill and others don’t not from pathogens but from being poisoned.

      Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. We’ve tried to speak to Dawn Lester on the claims about comets causing the Black Death.

    She said four months ago they would get another book in addition to the book by Mike Bailie but she did not provide any reasonable evidence from any of the books.

    She can’t answer numerous contradictory facts about the Black Death in relation to her theory from Mike Bailie that has used numerous Jewish sources. Simple things the comet theory does not account for including but not limited to:
    + Kingdom of Poland being relatively unscathed
    + Vast differences in death rates even between nearby towns with some being as much as 100% and others being significantly less
    + The two highest hit areas were around Italy (Rome) and Britain (in previous years being kicked out). Both that Jews had considerable vengeance against.
    + The outbreaks occurring over several years, not just a widespread killoff after a comet strike.

    The ‘No Pathogen’ theory may be an operation to destroy truthers that want to expose the dangers of the gene therapy jabs and promote rational evidence based discussion on treatments such as Ivermectin with proven safety records over decades and now proven efficacy in treating WTF COVID is.

    Whether COVID is from a “virus” or anything else, there are treatments that are working that are being suppressed. The critical danger right now for society is the phase 3 gene therapy trials and ridiculous lockdowns.

    Wasting time on saying “there are no pathogens” is now inhibitory to the imminent dangers.

    1. No ones wasting time my friend all research Dawn & David is relevant, that’s their angle yours is different, but the enemy is the same!

      Also no-one gets everything correct that’s impossible.



    2. If you are who I think you are, then I did not continue the discussion because it seemed to me that you were not prepared to discuss evidence that challenged your theory about the Black Death.

      Whilst I am not saying that wells were not poisoned, this idea does not explain a number of phenomena:
      1. The tree ring data that demonstrate an environmental trough.
      2. The ice core data that show the presence of ammonia and other toxic chemicals.
      3. Contemporary reports that refer to a corrupted atmosphere and phenomena such as trees covered in dust.
      4. Data that show there were major climate changes over a period of about 150 years that caused many events, such as serious floods in some areas and droughts in others.

      We do not say that comets caused the Black Death but that there are reports that they were sighted. The evidence would seem to indicate there were a number of causal factors that were involved.

      The purpose of discussing the Black Death is to show the serious flaws in the idea that it was caused by a โ€˜germโ€™ of some description and to demonstrate the existence of many other factors that would have been responsible for a large number of deaths over a very long period of time, not just the year 1348.

      I would also dispute the idea that Ivermectin is ‘safe’. There is plenty of evidence that it is associated with ‘side effects’, which indicate that the body is reacting to something that it regards as toxic.

      I would also add that the idea it is appropriate to ‘treat’ any symptoms is based on a totally false idea of the real nature of ‘disease’, how the body actually functions and why it produces symptoms.

  26. Thanks so much for this discussion with Dawn and David. I have their book and also The Contagion Myth (Cowan and Morell). We need more and more discussions like this to bring the truth out. If there is no virus, no infection – they cannot keep on with this tyranny. From some of these comments, it seems that among people who are seeking “truth”, the germ theory appears to be deeply ingrained. We have been brainwashed about germs for our whole life from every angle. Spacebusters has some good videos on germ theory:
    Agree with the point made that people who are in the limelight who continue with the virus story (Del Bigtree and others) could be controlled or threatened or under hypnosis. I do not listen to them. Also I think that some of them may be collecting contacts to round us up if this continues to NWO plan. Maybe I am a bit paranoid about that but it is hard to understand why these people who have been anti-vax for so long have not come across Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka and others who have been doing a great job speaking out against viruses & germ theory. All the best from Canada and keep up the good work!

  27. Thank you so much Dom and Chris for all your work and output…. You have made me laugh out loud on many occasions….
    I have to say this is the most โ€˜normalโ€™ Iโ€™ve felt in my life finding so many people who view things through similar lenses to my own….
    A book I read over thirty years ago may also be of interest if you havenโ€™t already come across it:
    Immunisation: Dangers, delusions and alternatives by Leon Chaitow..
    Chris, Lavender essential oil is brilliant for burns, limits any blistering, reduces the burning sensation and helps speedier healing…

    Letโ€™s all endeavour to keep our vibrations as high as we can with love and light in our hearts.

    1. We are living in interesting times Badria, where spiritual growth has accelerated beyond our wildest dreams. I have learnt more in the past 12 months than in the last 10 years, and I’ve been researching for 25 years.

      I have also met more like minded people in the same time, natural energies softly colliding together.

      Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. i think its about stopping a huge awakening and controlling the jibba jabbers . i agree about the rhesus negstives running the world . its something to do with copper based blood . checkout max speirs interviews about blood group .great show ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Yes, please invite them back. I’ve learnt something new. Oh and thank you.

  30. This is the problem as I see it in regard to the covid farce, too many people who are aware something weird is going on are drawn into a clever divide and conquer plan. They tie themselves in knots arguing between themselves that this is a ‘virus’ but only as bad as the ‘flu’ or it is the Wuhan super virus.

    There are so many shows that imply no one is dying of covid but then they invite mainstream virologists onto shows to explain spike protein shedding and mutations. Lets face it these virologists whole lives depend on our carrying on believing ‘germ theory’ and taking pharmaceuticals.

    This constant stirring of the pot of, is it flu, is it the Wuhan super virus makes the TPTB very happy because it keeps us divided and does not enlightens the masses to the simple truth, there is no virus only constant toxic poisoning because their master wants us all to suffer and die.

    I look around now at other internet shows and I wonder how many know what they are doing, are they deliberately trying to keep people stirring this large cooking pot of spike proteins, mutations, Wuhan etc etc to keep us divided and blind folded with massive amounts of false information while they bring all the fences into place around us? Well I don’t really wonder I a pretty sure they are, I mainly listen to you and Hugo Talks now.

    In regard to where they got the inspiration for the graphics of covid have a look here, it always makes me chuckle.–6057.jpg

    On anti biotics, when we had our first child it was a terrible time there were only three midwives and 9 women trying to give birth. I won’t go into detail but my child nearly died and they took her to ICU where they gave her massive doses of antibiotics. I asked why as she had no infection and they said they do it to all babies in ICU ‘just in case’. My daughter has immune issues because of this so no I don’t trust anti biotics.

    The last thing I will say Dom and Chris is you see these people worship lucifer and they are doing everything possible to fulfil Bible Prophecy it is just a small step to see the opposite must also be true and there is God The Father and God The Son. Take care guys God bring you to understanding.

    1. Loccie

      I was thinking some of what you have just said only today,

      All of these scientists intervened shouting about nothing, and that’s it really it’s made up entirely, if anything its probably some kind of frequency, maybe 5G or an EMF weapon that is making a few people ill, stress contributes as well.

      Anti-Biotics the name says it all, Anti-Life why would they give a medicine that is called Anti-Life?

      We are witnessing something although I am not religious in the conventional sense, I am spiritual, and realise we are not of this earth we just do not fit in, we were placed here for some purpose, maybe to achieve a higher consciousness level to enable our essence to go elsewhere when our time here is done.

      Thanks Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Excellent stuff, thank you for the podcast; this is all coming out now; I have written this comment at the early stages of the show, so apologies if I repeat the guests.

    Once you understand that no virus has ever been truly isolated = how can they “invent” a vaccine ?; also no virus is transmittable from human to human – all else fits into place.

    Stefan Lanka is a huge advocate of the above –

    Virus / Vaccines are big business, a manufactured and deliberate lie.

  32. Definitely a fascinating interview and I would welcome more of the same. I have virus mania, their book is on my list ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  33. also read the book when the machine stops by EM Forster written in 1908 ish but telling just what is happening now .

  34. Hi Guys, cheers for this video – really appreciate the information and the time you spend doing this. Please delete my first submitted commented, as I made an error.

    I’m due to getting around to read ‘What Really make you Ill’ and ‘Virusmania’ (currently reading through ‘Dissolving Illusions – Diseases, Vaccines and their Forgotten History’.

    Thought I’d link some videos that I’ve found of interest this week:
    Never heard of Prof. Frank Furedi before two weeks ago, but this is a strong message – ‘Is the Trade-Off between Freedom and Safety an Illusion?’:

    Also, note that this book was written in 2017 by an avid Communitarian. Can you guess what the book’s title is? :

    Amazing Polly has done a great summary titled ‘I’m so over Coronavirus’ – check out the part where she talks about Gates’ and Soros’ purchase of MOLOGIC :

    Corbett Report – interesting interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts, titled ‘Fight the Banksters with Cash Friday’. Now whilst we could still argue that cash is still THEIR system, this is interesting none-the-less :

    Austin-Fitts interview with Alison Mcdowell is also still (surprisingly on YT), titled ‘Blockchain: Profiting on the Growth of Inequality’ which might give you guys some further insights into the goings-on in Africa: ‘

    Thought I’d share those. Keep up the interesting work and have a great day.

    1. Hi Heart_land

      I’ve read โ€˜Dissolving Illusions โ€“ Diseases, Vaccines and their Forgotten Historyโ€™ a number of years ago very good.
      I’ll look through the links cheers, Dom

  35. As usual, excellent! Yes please Dom and Chris get Dawn and David back! Looking forward to it. xx

  36. hello guys. epic work. majix from the rise above gang here. trying to reach out to you guys about coming on the show with us for a friday show.. have the both of you on and have a good dig into things.

  37. Would love to see you on the Rise Above Show on a Friday Lads! Much respect for your work, and you would only liven up the show if you came on as you are a great couple of guys and seem great fun! Once again would love to see you on the show if possible!

  38. Love much of your other stuff guys, and I love listening to you both and look forward to your topics. This to me started well, I was listening with an open mind, but then did get a little laughable. Not saying much of what they were saying hasnt any credit, perhaps a lot of the disproving of the postulates and models of what we believe as read are credible arguments to say a lot of what we are being told isn’t strictly true. But then many of their opposing theories were not backed up either with experimental tests or empirical evidence of their basis of illnesses and symptoms. At times there were comments rubbishing some scientific theories which actually have some experimental backing, with opposing opinions with no factual basis/evidence given, just a laugh and a highly confident counter claim (actually reminded me of a sales colleague of mine whose sales tactic that was just made stuff up to sound like an expert). Not saying
    their claims weren’t based on some logic. One thing I’ve learnt this last year is don’t beLIEve anything unless you’ve looked into it yourself. And don’t get cognitive dissonance either side of an argument. Stay balanced.

    BTW I don’t think Ozone is an anti-oxidant, it’s got one more oxygen atom than oxygen (dioxygen). Trust me I’m a scientist ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ not a know all one though ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I hope

    1. Hi [email protected]

      I can agree and disagree with your comments. Ozone is an Oxidant but can also acts as an Anti-Oxidant too (for some reason), and has miraculous healing properties, if given in the correct modality, doses and strength.

      A lot of of what you said is actually the problem, the ‘science information’ (eg for cancer) is from ‘science research books’ which is sponsored by big NGOs or Pharma via Uni’s who benefit from directed work & controlled answers that are not in the publics interest but are used for more control (via fear or legislations) or big business interests.

      Thanks for the comments

      Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Cheers Dom. Can you remove my email please from your response?

        I agree with a lot of what you say and my eyes have been opened, I think many texts could be full of crap. But not everything in texts is based on propaganda, a lot is based on many experiments which are referenced in peer reviewed publication. I have a shelf full of chemistry books of which I have reproduced experiments which correlate with the texts. Much research I agree can be falsified and it goes on at an epic scale by all accounts. But everyday normal laboratory experiments back up many fundamental principles taught in text books. Like Arrhenius plots or moles, molecular weights … Cancer cell line cytotoxicity assays of which I have done many testing anti-cancer agents.

        Ozone chemically can’t be reduced so cannot be an anti-oxidant. It’s an oxidant. But if used in therapeutic doses it looks like it might be a controlled oxidative stress that activates generation of antioxidants. I don’t confess to know the mechanism of action for ozones therapeutic ability. But seems a plausible explanation and why Ozone works so well.

        Sorry if you think I’m being a stickler

  39. Does anyone have any advice if an employer is asking why you’re not getting vacinated? Mine is. I don’t want to get into a massive debate or arguement about it but just want to give clear sensible points to back up my descision.

    Any help would be great.

    1. Hi Jamie, just listened to a podcast where a lady worked with a woman who only gave touchy info in paper/written form. She would put it on the desk of the person and say, “Please take a look at that when you have time,” and walk off. Then the person would have time to process the info before they talked in person about it if necessary. It might be worth it to have a lawyer look over it beforehand, and of course make a copy.

  40. Dawn & David are brilliant i loved there book. my own experiance going from meat eatting to vegan advoiding toxins like aspartame as well as distilled water i reckonised how much better i felt and how things cleared up so when i read this book which was long after i had changed my ways it all made so much sense.

  41. It might seem off topic to your show, but I don’t think it is. Would love to hear your personal thoughts on detox even though we will hear more from the authors of What Really Makes You Ill. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny just had a podcast where the topic was partly on how to detox from a PCR test, and they said use alfalfa hay and 1/2 mL of organic laundry detergent in a bath and said if you blacklight it you can see little organisms jumping into the hay. I link their podcast here (the one titled enough is enough):

    And then Dr. Carrie Madej said she regularly uses a cup of Clorox Bleach in a bath to get a general detox. These are some of the same doctors who talk about women’s fertility and cycles and how they’ve been affected by the vax. I personally would like to have one more child, so this topic is near and dear to me. Thankfully my husband hasn’t been forced to take the vax yet for his job (don’t know what he will decide to do) but I still in general worry about all the toxins in the environment, water, food, vax, people who are vaxed “shedding” don’t know if that’s really a thing, and also the stress that can affect fertility when you DO worry too much about it all! It’s taken me about a year and a half to really relax and really have faith that I can be healthy and fertile, etc. and not stress myself out on this specific topic b/c I had a miscarriage this year already. I also decided to stop taking the folic acid pills from the pharmacy because I don’t trust the companies anymore, but I got some wheatgrass that has natural folic acid in it, so that’s cool. Great work to both of you.

    1. Hi Julie

      Detox that word we hear every January, haha.

      Our whole being is about detoxing efficiently, sadly our ability to detox naturally has been corrupted epigenetically and we have been filled with toxic chemicals over our entire lifetime. We are biological juicers.
      Anyway, we use daily high doses of Vitamin C (as Sodium Ascorbate Powder and Liposomal), Saunas, Far InfraRed & Ozone Steam Enclosed. We also do most other ozone therapies too especially Ozone colonic insufflations and ozonated water.
      We also green Juice everyday, (Juice)Celery, Cucumber and green apple then blend 1/2 avocado, C8 MCT Oil, Sunflower Lecithin and 100ml of Coconut Water then mix with the green juiced items.

  42. Hi Dom and Chris
    Thanks for the great video
    Iโ€™ve read there book and highly recommend and also think it was released at a perfect time and directs the reader to the UNs plans
    I would like you if you could to ask the authors on the next interview if you have the time about the sexual disease subject as I just want to understand better as why would somebody get Gonorrhoea after having sex
    I just want to better understand the concept of no such thing STDs
    This is really appreciate
    Anyways keep up the great work your doing Bahh

    1. Strange, my youngest has just got them today!

      We live in the countryside and we’ve not been anywhere for a few weeks? Been near no kids etc….

      In offices and other environments, women who work closely together has been know to come on their cycles and start menopause at similar times.

      I will try to go into this in an episode.

  43. Great conversation guys, thank you. The guy did say a big contradiction but maybe it was a lost in translation type of thing but I enjoyed the chat anyway.

    1. Autumn

      I feel there are a few inconstancies in ‘Germ Theory’ and ‘Terrain Theory’ this maybe from this maybe from misunderstanding or because there is some truth in both theories which confuses the issue or it maybe there is something else totally invisible in causing illness.
      If you can’t see a virus then this cannot be the cause of anything in my opinion, however bacteria could be used as bio-weaponised delivery systems, a trojan horse so to speak allowing a payload to be accepted by the body only to be poisoned and then blamed on germs.

      I think the real truth lies in ‘frequencies’.

      1. Richard D Hall interviewed a welsh couple that learned German new medicine thatโ€™s interesting

  44. First off I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question that I’d
    like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts prior to writing.
    I’ve had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out.
    I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15
    minutes are lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints?

    Appreciate it!

  45. Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog.
    Is it very hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out
    pretty quick. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m
    not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions?
    Many thanks

  46. Please set up another chat! Such a great show. Just bought their book, Also I bought โ€˜the invisible rainbowโ€™ book youโ€™ve mentioned. Very inspiring and entertaining are you guys! Keep trying for Firstenburg! Sending peace and love.

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