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      1. You guys are absolutely fantastic bring a smile every video. Love to meet you both. However love to have a drink with Chris keep up the amazing work lads from fellow sheep farmer Rach

      1. Watch “What On Earth Happened? (Full Documentary – 8 Hours) Re-Upload” on YouTube

        This is long but broken down in sections. It is mind blowing how much we have been lied to.

        Keep up the good work guys 😀

        1. Thank you so much for sharing this….what an epic! So much detail and what happened to all the people around the world from 1840 to 1860? Looks like a huge cover up.
          I’ve heard Don and Chris vaguely mention this time line…what happened?

        2. Well worth watching the full 8 hours. Challenge everything you are told to find your own truth

    1. The reason they treat the army so cynically is because they see the sons of an almighty God offering themselves for nothing and despise them even more for their ignorance if possible. The same is going on now…

    2. Flat earth is true. Since a child I’ve always thought it. Autshwitch isnt as we know it.
      The video’s and documentaries I’m watching just confirm it. That’s the least of our worries we need to get rid of the ca bal

  1. Guys, sorry to break your view of Oil . Its not from dinosaurs , its a pity that you say this. It has been known for 100 years that the source of oil is tiny marine life (Plankton, what whales eat . Most of the life (Mass) on the planet is in the sea and below the resolution of the human eye.
    Its a pity that your ignorance spoils the great stuff you do on the scum that lead us.
    (Petrophysicist – Geologist )

    1. Hi Rob

      I always, always leave a door open either way it’s how I am, if you don’t like that then there is not much I can do, I would like to know more that’s it really, I am not a flat earther but the NASA story is a lie.

    2. How is this well known? Just postva link to a source so we check out your superior knowledge. I really don’t like the tone people take just because they know or by think they know something someone else doesn’t.

    3. Hi Mike

      Let’s say it is a mistake for a second, are we ignorant for that and does it spoil everything?

      Any way to answer your question, according to mainstream science prehistoric matter made OIL, true? We were just having a laugh by the way, because the dino fable is nonsense too.

      We are lead to beLIEve the mantra taught in Universities is the truth, but in reality it is a doctrine. We are taught to remember things that sound like knowledge when real knowledge is hidden. Dogmas cannot be questioned in any way or the people who question them are called childish or ignorant by the better qualified. But are the qualifications justification of knowledge?
      Just look what we are witnessing now, the same science telling us to take an experimental jib jab, these are the same experts trained by the same Universities, so I’m sorry if the story I’ve been told makes me a little sceptical.

      That being said if what we do is not to your liking, I apologise but its who we are, peace and respect 🙂

    4. I have a project from the early 90s quoting various sources oil comes from dead biological matter mainly from dinosaurs .

      I dont believe a word of it. It is abiotic the Rockefellers set it up to been viewed as a limited sourced material ergo …. ‘cha ching’

      all guff , even if plankton no way everything surrounding us and fuelling for the past 100 years comes from squashed plankton.

    1. He didn’t. He said he is NOT a flat earther but that the NASA narrative is a lie…fair enough right?

    2. It would be a bit hypocritical for them to dismiss any conspiracy theories and belittle those who have an open mind. Have you seen the earth from space? You cannot say 100% it’s round. I believe it is round from the my own observations and from some scientists such as Galileo who actually was classed a conspiracy theorist according to the Catholic church and jailed. Calling people for having flat earth conspiracies to you is the same as the sheep calling us for saying the government is about to enforce technocracy at any cost.

  2. Ey up lads ,brilliant sense of humour ,you make me chuckle ,I’ll never drink Pepsi again , I’ve learnt a lot from your website ,fantastic stuff

  3. True earther here.. brilliant show keep it up 👍… just a quick question can you have a gas pressure without a container? Cheers 👍

  4. Great broadcast guys, made me laugh. Otherwise be carefull about drinking distilled water, it lacks minerals which it takes from your body as it passes through your system.

  5. Henrietta lacks had aggressive vagina cancer she was a poor black lady scientists noticed her cancer cells were IMMORTAL and have used them for decades to test drugs and VACCINES on .correct me if I’m wrong ,just thought I’d throw that out there ,peace lads.

  6. Great session.They have know this since day dot and have used it as a slow but sure weopen that they can earn a killing of LITERALLY.Check out the book of Enoch 1. It tells us real history of genetic manipulation thousands of years ago and who is responsible . Fascinating and gives us a bigger picture as to why gene manipulation is so important for there satanic agenda in the times we are living in now.

  7. guys. the spanish flu was really vax . soldiers going to war feared the jab more than the battlefield too. During the supposed pandemic , they tried infecting hoerses by using nosebags from infected horses on non infected to try to pass it on and failed every time. They even injected the mucus directly into the horses to try too and no joy. The vax industry caused the 1st cancer death by using Cowpox vaccines which led to cancers in humans. They only began vaccines when the greedy oil families realised they could use oil in pills too. This was a new funding stream and siezed instantly. then funded all the med schools while debunking all the homeopathic practitioners and corrupted govt to outlaw the non pharma practices. The Cancer act is one of the very same legistlations that stop any doctor prescribing outside of pharma for cancer help. Law would remove their right to practice for even suggesrting a natural remedy. Not to mention that QINETIQ ( please dig here guys, this is the keystone if you can really dig properly!!!. This is so HUGE and missed by every truther . They really rule the waves from this “company” . Donated biolabs , next to military training for bio warfare and also have a complete army for hire with EVERY available war weapon for hire. Bio, nano, missiles, boots on the ground and all owned by who??????? , donated by who to them ?,, who has EVERY patent that is ever put into production? , who does every U.S scientists and inventor have to file their patents with 1st ?, why do the same scientists hate this “patent provider”, dig away guys… back to the Spanish flu). It was also the same year that Radio went live globally through the airwaves!!! this was the reason they all got sick initially and those whocould not adjust to the new frequencies being broadcast died of influenza type illnesses. The oxygen molecules were being changed and those who didnt die initially , did experience poor health along with the rest of the globe. poverty and wars were blamed for the low life expectancy but this was possibly an adjustment period to the new hertz, Exactly the same happened in WW” when radar went live and a flu like pandemic hit then ( check ww2 history for dates that were reported. ) again this was blamed on a flu like virus from fighting abroad !!! sound familiar guys?. Now we have 5g being trialled in wuhan 1st at full power. instant death due to oxygen molecules being totally distorted beyond use and causing suffocation leading to many deaths rapidly. The world had a 5g turn on in major cities globally who all had a spike in the supposed deaths due to corona but if you laid a map of the 5g main switch ons and then the worse hit areas of the supposed deaths, they match perfectly too. I have so much more to share but no platform at all. would love to discuss sometime. email is here so you can get in touchformore juicy history that i dare not do alone !! DO QINETIQ , you will drop any other pharma circus when you see how deep this goes gents………

  8. Guys great show as always, i honestly found your meet the flockers as addictive as crack, think i done the lot in a weekend 😀 keep on trucking as im spreading the word far and wide …… in a unrelated note, them mars rover lot are lying fuckers …. just a after thought….. love your work.

  9. On those cooking shows, they never give enough time to do a proper job and they just have a real nasty edge to them. They are never for learning, just entertainment with mean judges and stressed contestants.

  10. Tell-Lie-Vision, Smart Televisions are currently recording Audio/Visual activity in your home whether they on powered up or not.

  11. Hi guys, I really enjoy listening to your views on things. Just a point about folic acid in early pregnancy: unless I got it wrong, I think you were saying that women who have babies now don’t know the importance of taking folic acid in early pregnancy? My two pregnancies were roughly 29 and 23 years ago and I was told by my doctor to take folic acid supplements as it helped with the healthy development of the foetus. Does that not still happen? It’s a bit concerning if it doesn’t, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

    1. Hi

      I think a few Drs will advise and it mentions Folic on the NHS website, it should be taken before pregnancy but once someone is pregnant a big part is missed. Also is that person has a MTHFR mutation, Folic acid will now or may be turned into the active form 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF).

      5-MTHF can be taken instead, no advice on this though.

    ( me how much curve you should see in deflection from centre standing on the beach with eye height of 2m ASL and a normal field of view for a person assuming that the Earth is (as we are conventionally told) spherical with an approximate circumference of 40,000km:
    Same for 100m ASL
    Same for 2000m ASL
    Same for 10000m ASL

    NOTE: We’ve found that the few flat Earthers that even attempt to answer this, have a comprehension problem and have tried to use calculations from viewer to horizon. That is NOT what the question asks. It asks about the amount of curve as viewed from left to right. As such this must calculate both the amount of horizon you would see based on field of view and viewing altitude assuming spherical Earth and the amount that horizon would drop in terms of degrees. Because the Earth is very big at ~40,000km circumference, you need to do these calculations to realise how dumb the arguments of flat Earther’s are that “it looks flat”.

    The Flat Earth leaders are dishonest shills. Most Flat Earthers are gullible and trust that these leaders are being honest, but they are not.

    Most Flat Earth followers do not have the understanding of mathematics necessary to understand what should be expected to be seen on an Earth this size (40,000 spherical circumference) and so MUST learn this if they are to have any hope of understanding reality.

    Most Flat Earth followers also do not possess a high level of spatial intelligence necessary to conceptualise this. As such making mental models is fraught with danger and therefore require to make physical models to test. Yet Flat Earthers will resist making physical models of what they believe.

    If you cannot answer this question, then saying “It looks flat from where I stand” is just ammunation for those that can do these calculations to use against you and say “Flat Earthers are idiot Conspiracy Theorists” and in turn discredit those that are trying to expose actual conspiracies.

    ( you believe #FlatEarth or are even contemplating that #EarthIsFlat you have been fooled by a psyop.
    So I provide a basic challenge to you.

    I have looked into all the propaganda.
    It is 100% very cleverly constructed propaganda.
    It works very well on those without good geometry skills and not great spatial intelligence.
    It works especially well on Biblical fundamentalists.

    If you are a #Truther that seeks truth, then you need to be aware of this psyop.
    It was constructed with a specific purpose to discredit truthers.
    Just as the #911Truth movement was gaining ground and unity… BAAAM – Out came #FlatEarth

    It was seeded into the #911TrutherCommunity and the #AntiVax communities particularly and also conflated with the #HolocaustDeniers intersection of those. And it worked well. It destroyed the emerging unity in the 911 Truth movement and allowed for more powerful controlled opposition to enter the truther communities.

    Flat Earth psyop was done professionally and made to look like a grass roots movement hitting the ground running with lots of series of very well constructed propaganda.

    It can empirically be proven it is not flat.
    It takes a lot to teach someone the science and mathematics on how to do this.

    But… I will give you this to start your research.

    Reply to the “Leave a comment” below this channel post, with ANY realistic theoretical model for a Flat Earth or Infinite Plane Earth (ie flat not spherical) and Sun & Moon pattern where:

    👉 The compass bearings from any city on earth, of the sunrise and sunset, fit with reality.

    This is easily done for the Spherical model. And exactly these can be calculated with accuracy.

    I will even give you the leniency of within 5 degrees accuracy for the model.

    If you cannot do this, then refer it upline to the flat earth “leaders”.

    As the spherical Earth model in our solar centric system model does this reliably, until you can at least do that, you don’t even have anything that remotely competes with the spherical Earth.

    They are welcome to reply to this post with the “leave a comment” section at the bottom of this post, declare who they are and provide that evidence.

    The leaders will not touch this. Why? Because they know it is not really flat. They know they cannot provide any such model.

    I will promise you this. If you can bring back any reasonable model that gets close to 5 degrees, I will allow you to discuss further evidence in the group.

    I insist you provide at least a theoretical model first however, as otherwise you literally do not even have a scientific hypothesis. You certainly could not progress it to a theory without even a theoretical model than is constructed in a way to allow for the concept of falsifiability.

    The greatest problem I have encountered from experience with #FlatEarthers is they will not stay on a specific topic until it is resolved. As soon as one get to the point of showing the lynch pin evidence to refute that aspect, they jump to another … but what about…

    Often this tactic is from cognitive dissonance, and sometimes the opponent is purely controlled opposition, knowing the Earth is not flat, and obviously prevaricating with dishonest intent. Regardless doing this always prevents truth.

    So the offer is there. If anyone wants to discuss another aspect… provide a theoretical model first that complies with reality that anyone can prove based on sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset compass bearings from any of the cities on Earth for which we have both masses of historical and future data of this and ability for anyone in those cities to confirm the angles. Thank you…

    ( EXACTLY is the size of moon, it’s altitude; and why does the moon not appear smaller as it moves away from you?

    “IF” Earth is flat, then it’s trivial to calculate the moon’s altitude. Simply take two points on Earth along same latitude or longitude for which you know the distance apart, determine the angles to the moon from each at the same time, then use basic trigonometry to calculate the height knowing the base length and all three angles of the triangle with the moon at it’s apex.

    Once you know the height, you can then very trivially calculate it’s size.

    As a flat Earther do you even have that basic level of trigonometry?

    If you get that far, then try explain why the moon’s perceived size doesn’t change from rise to azimuth to set.

    “If” Earth was flat, the moon would appear smaller and smaller as it moved away from you. IT DOESN’T.

    1. Do triangles have 3 straight lines? To get a angle you need 2 straight lines.. to have a gas pressure you require a container.. a water level tool is a tool to establish a stright horizontal line.. earth is not flat … 👍 what’s the sun? What’s the moon? Any chance of you proving any of your claims? And please what is your hypothesis for the globe earth..🤣👍

    2. I’ll be honest I didn’t read all the text. My takeaway is that there is and will always be a psyop spread into an ‘anti movement, especially one over the target. Dom/Chris have hit upon a great comms platform and will start to receive too much to read from listeners etc. Good stuff George, the world is round its called a planet, I don’t see many oblongs in the sky (I don’t claim to be too clever).

  13. It was Adolf Hitler !! messing with nature, that woman should have been locked up just for that one statement !! Boy is there a lot to talk about guys

      1. On my first trip to Argentina i went into a high end steak restaurant and ordered a Chilean merlot the waiter looked like i’ve just given him a massive insult, he totally ignored me and brought me a malbec. I didn’t argue and it was delicious ;o)))))

  14. Thank you so much for the information and the laugh out loud banter. ‘Flat nose fool used to be a favorite with my two boys’, when they got going with the insults. Happy days!
    Got to say some of the comments here made me think I was reading the Daily Mail comments.
    Having a Rheumatoid Arthritis flare at the moment and feel like I’m wearing a concrete suit. Laughter helps no end to improve the situation. Sincere gratitude for the oasis in the sand you both offer. Ta very much x

  15. Thanks lads. Gonna have a listen now. I did just try and email you and it’s to do with Jerry Marzinsky stuff, but got a daemon reply that message couldn’t be sent to your sheepfarm yahoo email address. It’s not something I’d like to go into here on the blog, but I really would like to send it to you if that’s ok x

  16. Please.. Please… Please… Check out a man called Del on YouTube…. His channel is called ‘Beyond the imaginary curve,’ He’s in Scotland. I can guarantee you will not get a better view on why the Earth is not a globe! He’s a very clever man. Here’s a link to one of his most recent interviews with members of the public. He also does live phone ins at the weekend.
    I think he’d love to speak to you two…. There’s not many of us left anymore with out the gaskets gone 🙂 Love your shows lads, Warrington, Lancs 🙏

  17. For what it is worth I beLIEve that the world isn`t a sphere nor is it flat, I beLIEve it is phallic shaped because it fucks me everyday of my life!!
    Anyhow, great presentation and everyone I have listened to so far, which amounts to all of them, are the antidote to the horseshit we have all had to endure.
    Much respect to you Dom and Rubberlips too. My nickname has been for many years Fat Lip and I`m a white chap. Ha!!!

  18. Hey guys, just a heads up. If the government has tagged your website, it’s possible they put a few trolls onto you as well. I mean they send people to say the opposite of whatever you’re saying, etc. Or mess with you and the people in the comments section. Just sayin’

    If you haven’t checked out the book Behold a Pale Horse, would recommend it, deals with UFOs, eugenics (basis for why the elites hate black people…side note, they are pushing for more vaccines in Africa and the African American communities out of “concern for their welfare”) JFK assassination, Vietnam War, and other topics, mostly focusing on the U.S.

  19. you put LIE at the top in red and then go ahead and tell us some mental stuff and then we meant to believe it? like the M*TH*RF****R of all genes? is this like cognitive disonance? dont know what Im meant to beLIEve anymore.

    1. Do not believe anything just research things ourselves and come to our own conclusions. All we do is ask questions and see if there are any answers the answers appear and common-sense takes over.

      All the best 🙂

  20. I’m going to remember that line when I get asked where my mask is – “you cheeky sod – I paid a lot of money for this” – great banter and mind boggling information as always. Thanks.

  21. Guys caught up on all your video’s,love your humour and research is top notch ,please check out a video on bitchute the channel is empowering small businesses and communities it’s about a patent called association for molecular pathology v myriad genetics inc. Basically you can’t patent a human but you can if you’ve had the genicaly modified poison.

  22. You guys need to watch a documentary called terra convexa. Basically a load scientists that believe the earth to be round carry out experiments and they are totally shocked because they come to the conclusion that the earth is actually convex like a curved dish. It seems to be legit and the science they use is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. The thing that got my attention the most is that the video on YouTube has the wikipedia description of the “archaic” flat earth theory below it🤔. Here is a link to the documentary

    If you check it out, drop me an email and let me know what you think. Love your stuff guys. I’m from Norwich the home of Coleman’s mint sauce 🤣. Peace & love Morgan

  23. Further information on Gene editing in this video, I just watched it and found it both interesting and terrifying. Including the idea to use gene editing to make people allergic to mammalian meat so we can’t eat meat for the sake of the planet! Interestingly people bitten by the lone star tick in America started becoming allergic to meat, the first case being in 2002. This and many other insane ideas are being openly designed and carried out.

    Some information about fluoride and the blood brain barrier

    ‘When aluminium comes into contact with fluoride, it hitches a ride into the brain as aluminium fluoride, bypassing the blood-brain barrier.

    The presence of aluminium fluoride in the brain has been linked to Alzheimer’s. (7)’

    1. Hi Loccie

      I have Lyme so the Lone star tick and its brothers played a big part in my life to say the least!

      1. Is there much out there on the tick thing? Just that could be a bioweapon, you heard anything about that? Just something I heard recently on one of Corbett’s news weeklies.

        1. It is a bio weapon I’ve written a lot about it on my other website

          Porton Down in the UK and Fort Detrick and Rocky Mountain Labs in Montana in the US, look up a book called Bitten by Kris Newby

      2. I am sorry to hear that dom,

        My wife is Russian and tick-borne ‘Encephalitis’ in her region and many others has become endemic. She remembers the time people could wander in the woods with no worries then suddenly people were dying after being bitten by a tick. I have no doubt they are using ticks as a bio weapon.

        1. Hi Loccie

          During WW2 the Germans used the first Vector-bourn Bio-Weapon in Russia.
          Eric Taub, a Nazi, and a germ warfare expert, was brought into the U.S in 1949 as part of Operation Paperclip, he’d worked under that likeable character Hinrich Himmler.
          He went to work with the CIA, Army, Navy and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). He had already developed vector diseases, these were used during WW2 on the Russian population. The German dropped millions of infected ticks into Russia.

  24. Thanks lads, you make me laugh at things that should really make me cry.
    I always use Sheep Farm, UKcolumn and Hugotalks to try and dissuade potential ‘jabberwockies’.
    Look forward to more minty delights, cheers.

  25. This IS the smoking gun we have been searching for and the KEY to ending this pandemic madness immediately!
    The implications are more abominable than I could have ever imagined. Mass murder for profit. All those who have profited must be jailed and their assets seized and distributed among the victims.

    Pharma needs to be removed from the private for profit domain for the good of the human race.

    1. Yes the NHS murdered my mom. My mother had a stroke but had started to recover and was sitting up and eating out of bed. They put her before the death panel and gave her a DNR and refused to remove it. They refused us permission to see her or take her home for 17 weeks. They gave her senna and movicol every day even though nurses admitted on the phone she had such terrible diarrhoea she was up all night being cleaned and was too tired to do any rehabilitation. They gave her midazolam and morphine even though we asked them not to and she became bed bound. They said she could not move her right arm or leg even though we recorded her doing so on face time. She got a fractured ankle even though she was unable to leave bed according to them. They gave her no food and only allowed her to suck moister from small sponges. She got hospital acquired infections including an infection of the urethra from them using a catheter, hospital acquired pneumonia because of the midazolam and morphine and being left laying flat. They refused to give her antibiotics because she was on the death list and finally when they knew she was dying they allowed us to see her where two nurses said “ok we are going to call the doctor and euthanise”. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things they did and yes we have all the evidence.

      These people will pay a terrible price for their actions when they stand before The Son of God, I feel truly sorry for them. Funny? not long now for you.

      1. Oh my word Locke,
        so sorry to hear what you and your family went through its truly awful and I don’t think you are alone…I really hope to see the downfall of this evil cabal in my lifetime.

        1. Christian,

          We are not alone. When questioned why they were giving such powerful laxatives to an elderly woman even though she was already dehydrated and had diarrhoea, the answer was “This is what we do to all the patients on this ward” or after we were already aware she was terribly ill with diarrhoea a senior nurse informed us it was “because she was constipated”.

          While there at the end with my mom they constantly came every time my mother made a noise wanting to give midazolam to shut her up, we refused. My mother was moaning because of thirst, hunger and nightmares caused by the drugs they had pumped her full of for weeks.

          Oh the hilarious conversation I had with a young doctor when trying to force them to give my my mother sustenance and antibiotics via an NG tube. How she informed me they “had to be careful as giving food to someone as ill as my mother as it could be dangerous” and that “not giving food and water would not necessarily mean she would die.”

          One tip I would give to anyone faced by a drone telling you they are going to do something because ‘some else has decided’. Take their name and job title and inform them on the record, that as they as the one standing in front of you telling you this, THEY are now the one that is responsible. They love to confuse blame by claiming ‘someone else’ ‘a group of specialists’ etc etc has decided. Make sure each person that tells you something is aware they are now going to take responsibility for that action.

          For anyone who says we should have gone and got her out, well we tried that and the security threatened us with violence. When we called the police we were informed if we touched the security guards that is an arrestable offence but if they assaulted us that was a civil matter.

          During this time at the end with our mother we actually witnessed the process start with another patient. A lady in the next bed who lived alone and who was in hospital because of a mild lung infection. The nurse arrived one day and asked is she wanted any morphine (morphine should NEVER be given to a patient with a lung condition) unfortunately she said yes. In those final hours before they secretly euthanised my mother while ‘changing her sheets’ (as we had refused to allow euthanasia), the lady in the next bed went from sitting out of bed eating to bed bound constantly vomiting unable to eat or drink.

          If TWO of the following can be ticked they can apply a death pathway and slowly kill someone with lack of water, food, and powerful drugs. How many of these do you think you could achieve by giving midazolam or morphine with laxative dehydration? On top of the risk of stroke. heart attack. pneumonia, kidney failure etc etc.

          1 The patient is bed bound
          2 Semi-comatose
          3 Only able to take sips of fluids
          4 No longer able to take tablets

          Just search geriatric deaths and diseases and oddly the conditions the elderly die from match side effects of medications used, just a coincidence I am sure.

          Christian I will tell you this now and you may not believe me but I know you will see their downfall as I know God will return to judge them all, the time is close.

          Take care everyone and do not lose hope, God bless.

  26. Re Gulf War Syndrome (vax injuries)
    The military medical records were kept in the part of the Oaklahoma building that was blown up.
    The patsy for this event had been micro chipped by the military without his consent.
    Hence no payout for the families affected & no evidence.
    The patsy for this event had been micro chipped by the military without his consent.

  27. Re flat earth
    Zen Garcia’ your man at Sacred word Publishing . com & screwtube.
    He won a court case proving that the earth is flat, with plenty of research to back it up.
    Many of the old maps & books confirming this have been removed from the public gaze.

  28. I started doing some research into ‘good fats’ a few years ago. I discovered that one of the first global scams was from the food industry. They duped us into believing that fats were bad for us. We were subjected to a massive propaganda campaign (in the West) which encouraged us to eat processed crap (such as margarine) and the rest. The skimmed milk lie is one of the worst. I found out that in order to make this ‘milk’ retain its colour once the fat has been removed, a paint-like substance is added. ‘Low fat’ products are harmful and contain so many dodgy ingredients. High Fructose Corn Syrup is in just about everything and over time, this causes inflammation of the body and brain. There is a lot of conflicting advice about oil oxidation and heat points. I suppose moderation is the answer, although I draw the line at knowingly imbibing ANY foetal material!

  29. Glad to see you bringing up FE – was going to mention that on one your YT videos that referenced space.

    Its a very interesting subject and what we have been told (I’ve studied Astronomy at the OU) definitely doesn’t add up but its also interesting that the Royal Society were founded by Freemasons and Newton et al were also Freemasons and this group controlled science for many years.

    The globe as has been presented is full of holes. Water doesn’t bend and when you bring that up the retort is always ‘Gravity’ but even Niel DeGrasse Tyson celebrated celebrity astronomer can’t tell you what gravity is.

    For an insight check out the videos at ThePottersClay YT channel – some very insightful stuff.

    1. Hi Sean

      To be honest, I’m not really that interested in the subject however that also does not mean I believe the nonsense that science is telling us or NASA either.

      So I am willing to listen to good information.

      We are interviewing someone for a podcast that covers FE. It’ll be out soon

      Some people on both sides get really touchy about this subject, I think we all have to accept different views, some things are very hard to prove.

      E.G. Gravity is a theory not a law, but now it’s a dogma, as are vaccines etc

      Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the link

      Dom 🙂

      1. Dom cheers for the response I shall look forward to the podcast.

        FE is a touch paper for a lot of people because we have been conditioned for years to accept a certain view of the world. I like to keep an open mind to things and appreciate that which can make you think and there are some good videos on the potters that really show light on the lies we’ve been told.

        It is a Christian site so I should declare that but essentially what is happening today is spiritual in nature. To be able to counter the dark satanic forces moving in the world today ultimately I believe you need Jesus Christ in your life as nothing or no one else can save us from that.

        I’ll leave it there – all the best mate

  30. Dom, Chris you guys are fantastic. Been listening to your work for a few months now and gotta say you are my favourite listen and you are bloody funny as well. When a new vid is released it makes my day. Keep up the great work and look forward to the next vid. Anyway now going to fill up my car with Dino fuel, t-Rex unleaded is the best 😂😂

  31. Is it just me or does anyone else see motherfucker from the acronym mthfr?
    They are mocking us because it’s taken so many of us so long to wake up to the bullshit we’ve been force fed most of our lives. Well they’ve woken us up now and we woke up on the right side of the bed for us and the wrong side for them as far as I’m concerned. 🤬

  32. If anyone had half a genuine brain cell left they would find the jenny doudna clip extremely distressing. Extremely disturbing. Adolf Hitler asks what it can be used for and how it can be useful which then inspires her/it to become public and motivate her cause!?? She/it says it can be used to change what makes us human!! FFS. I saw that clip on YouTube and saw it was removed. How far is this gonna go…

    1. I was surprised no one else commented on that. To me that was the most telling part because thats what is being injected into peoples arms, like you say ffs

  33. Hey, gents. FYI pregnant women in the East ie: Japan, Hong Kong, Korea etc ARE indeed told to take Folic Acid and also Iodine.



  34. Hello boys, I would recommend you have a look into the Jesuit order of the Vatican and there role in all of this. Take a look at the work of a man named Eric John Phelps and his book titled “Vatican Assasins” as well as Abbate Leone’s book which I believe was called “the secret plan”

  35. There’s a booklet on telegram called The Watchman 1888 written by a doctor in Bristol I think, this shows people already then were concerned about the dangers of vaccines, it basically states vaccines caused small pox. Well worth searching for

    Another brilliant, and well researched podcast, I’m making my way through them all slowly. Thank you for the information, smiles and laughs I get when listening.

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