Sheep Farm 17 | Meet The Flockers | Plastic Celebs Pt.1 (1hr:16mins)

This presentation is in 2 parts (2hrs 40mins), it covers the famous people we have been programmed to hero worship. These individuals represent, Governments, NGOs, & Businesses. They also appear in Media, Films, TV and Radio programs are part of a huge operation to mind control the masses. We, the people tuned into what is really happening, the 1-2% of the world know this reality is false.
Pt.1 Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Lenny Henry, Predictive Programming, Netflix & Spiderman Video Game, Possessed Preachers, & What are Fringe Magnets & Plastic Celebs?


  1. Shove the extinction rebellion triangles together and you have a pentogram. Look for gretta thumbergs mam and dad in the eurovision song contest in the early 80s or 70s. Theyre in the illuminati apparently. Satanic performance

    1. Actually you get a HEXagram, the Rothschild Shield and fake Star of David, which is the most powerful Occult symbol, used to evoke demons.

      1. Itโ€™s also the male and female symbols and, which ties in with the whole transgender agenda and also could represent โ€˜As Above, So Belowโ€™.

  2. Morning Gents,

    Great video, I made a comment on one of Odysee videos regarding your email address, I keep getting a bounce back from my @live email and from my @gmail :/

    Can you email me as I have some documents which will be of great use to you for your up and coming project mocking bird video

    Kind regards,

  3. Nice to hear people who feel the same way as I do. Same sense of humour as me as well made me laugh. All the best lads look after yourselves.

    1. Yep there are a few of us probably about 2%, this is one way to stick together isn’t it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Blessed to have found you guys through Hugo Talks. Great Tribulations are here and very few of us are even aware of it.

    1. Same, through HugoTalks. I never thought actors were special so I always scoffed at the term “celebrities” when I was a child. And now at the word “elites”. They’re just people on television or people trying to control others. They don’t deserve descriptors implying they’re superior to you or I.

  5. This is a brilliant montage of clips.
    Was hoping someone had recorded all this propaganda and put it together.
    As soon as Idris done that at the start I knew he had been ‘told’ to for the “black UK”
    Mason I bet.

    Anyway- well done mate, your vids are A1.

  6. Just discovered you through Hugo Talks! Really enjoying your work, binge watching when I get a chance! Love your intro and the soundtrack.

    1. Hi Abi…
      he doesnโ€™t have a band he did it solo, I sent him your
      comment though.

  7. Excellent work boys, much appreciated especially for keeping the humor in there, because with out that we will be lost!
    Heard you mention Delingpole, worth checking his interview with Laura Dodsworth and everyone should get her book A State of Fear. Read it then give it to anyone who you think might be twigging to this as it lays it out in a non-threatening, non-conspiritorial way with all the lies plus the numbers in plain site.
    Also from the US, No Agenda covers things very well, also with humor (takes getting used to but worth it for the insight )
    Keep it up .

  8. Great work lads but I had to switch off, I got as far as Idris Elba and that was it. I just had enough. I couldn’t let what was been said and projected into my head because I knew it would drag me down.

    Sad thing is I wonder do these people even know what they are doing and if they know they are been used?, in the end they are still people with families and some of them are our brothers and sisters.

    Or maybe it is all an act and a smoke screen?

  9. Hi guys love what you’re doing, and despite the subject matter you really cheer me up. I’m the same in that I’ll never watch anything these plastic morons are in, especially paedo wanks ๐Ÿ‘น. And the others have completely lost any and all respect I had for them. All of them witches, to quote rosemary!
    Looking forward to your next videos ๐Ÿ‘

  10. Great stuff boys. I got your link from James Delingpole.
    ‘Just 2 guys from Yorkshire’…..well you might be but you are nailing it, well done and stay strong.

  11. Had to leave another reply….totally agree, this is WWIII, me n the Mrs have drawn a line in the cement

  12. Good work . I wonder how many of these celebs have stepped out of line in the past and now its time to pay there debts???

  13. Have just discovered you guys, you crack me up and give me hope Iโ€™m not the only one who sees all this. Have learnt so much in just a few vids. Please keep them coming lads x
    Ps also love the opening track, been singing it in my head all day ๐Ÿ™‚

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