(SF66) Mint Sauce Chronicles, Sun Download, Zootopia, Avatar Simulation + Jerry Marzinsky 4 Preview

In this episode we discuss a few weekly topics that are in the news, Initially we cover the latest fear porn which was the discovery of Polio in the sewage, we get into the Sun being the information download system that’s feeding our consciousness, we talk about the kids cartoon Zootopia and the symbolic connections being programmed into young minds, we also cover Avatar simulation, and much more.

Then we discuss Jerry Marzinsky and Anon guest and play the first part of the interview.

This episode will go out free to all and will be available at www.sheepfarm.co.uk, EweTube & Podomatic

For the full episode go to www.sheepfarm.co.uk – podcasts (SF67) Jerry Marzinsky 4 with Guest Anon (Full Interview)

Anon Omous info, contact details & Book
The title of the book is “Revelations On Interstellar Highway 10”
Jerry Marzinsky