Californians on killing babies AFTER they are born


  1. Deplorable.
    I shake my head at the selfish attitude of some of the younger generation and woke society.

      1. It’s totally F*d up, I worry for my own kids living in this brainless narcissistic society. I have no words for these idiots :/

      2. Fuck me Dom it’s worth than I thought…..
        Those aren’t women, they’re cunts with cunts.

  2. I can’t help wonder how that sort of attitude might relate to the reports we hear about Covid-vaccinated women having all kinds of unnatural & abnormal problems. Infanticide bill for infantilised minds – the definition of which in today’s world is people everywhere of all ages hooked on their smartphone with its incessant bleeping & vibrating & notifying the way a flashing & ringing toy will hold the attention of a toddler.

    I have to say it guys, Dom is the spit of snooker player Luca Brecel.. and Christian should get an award for that cartoon of ‘old slug head’ Klaus Schwab

  3. There is something wrong with these people I don’t even have words to put that into perspective:-( sad really very sad 😞

  4. WTF!! I’m Gobsmacked and feeling physically sick after watching that. How the hell are those views sane let alone acceptable??
    This clown world is just getting more and more unbelievable as time goes on, I feel like I’ve awoken from a dream into a frickin nightmare dimension!

  5. Do these fools not realise if they can remove the sanctity of life from another human being, that their life also can be removed with the same ease and casual disregard?

  6. i cant believe these are real people. Surely they are actors. In saying that, I dont get out much as I do not like most people. Clearly, if they are not actors, people are getting a lot worse.

  7. There is a lot going on in this short video…

    As a young woman I would say that most women I know do NOT think those views and would be horrified and suspicious about the full conversation, so please be assured that these responses are a rarity and the world is not actually mad, just these handful of people, at a point in time. Most people struggle to abort a fetus, let alone “abort” / kill your a new born baby, let alone your own. The premise would rely on a complete break down of care. But there is something lying beneath what they are saying….

    There has been a degradation of “care”, the value of which is relected in the fact that most carers (I mean most people looking after relatives, friends, neighbours) also have to work full time alongside their care work, and it is almost always taken for granted, and almost never paid. The image of success does not usually portray someone looking after their elderly mother for years. In the UK most of the care centres, care homes, elderly homes, youth centres, and other places of care were shut down and built over in the 1980’s – with many going into private low quality care, institutions, or left to fend for themselves in a little flat and beg for their PIP money, if they dare go to the panel interview. We are slowly becoming care-less.

    Making housing so unaffordable means that both parents have to work full time just to pay the bills in most households. Carers, nurses, and quite a lot of other care jobs are poorly paid. In a sense being a parent (mother or father) was paid, mostly by the fact that the other person received a wage that was enough to pay for the essentials of life (the aspect I am hilighting is that only one income was needed to live well, now you need about three incomes as a person born in the 1980’s and love triangles aren’t really ideal). The association that I would make is that care is undervalued and often those who care are totally screwed over, and these women are probably responding to that. Would-be-mothers, especially with the medical bills just to even give birth with any medical assistance, might equate being a mother with being poor, downtrodden and of lower status in society. The way I have seen people treat single parents (regardless of how they came to be) makes being a parent sound more and more like an irresponsible thing to risk…. Just a thought.

    There is also something about re-claiming your freedom by cancelling your motherhood underlying these responses (F them kids), which is definitely something that you see feature heavily in the media. There is a huge push for people not to have children in the media, as well as the logistical difficulty of affording the time and finance to have children (especially housing, childcare), and even more so for people who moved to other countries or cities to make a living in a better economy, with little social support.

    The idea of children for some young people fills them with dread because they cannot imagine how they would find the time, money, space, trustworthy partner, and energy to do it. Please do look at wages compared to house prices, and then know that rent is more expensive still, it roughly works out that now a mortgage is around 3 x more money a month than people paid in the 80’s, and rent is about double of a mortgage today so about 6 x what people paid in the 80’s. It is why so many people have more than one job, use credit cards, and work far too many hours, it has become normalised. That is without the infamous interest rates of the late 80’s which would probably make everyone my age homeless overnight (which a few of us suspect is the idea).

    There are also the narcisists that have always been around, but seem to be fed more by a self-centred culture becoming acceptable, and again I think this is promoted to further degrade care giving, or being part of a community, becoming organised with others, and having meaningful and deep relationships.

    This push for the shallow and care-less individual is all very Philip K Dick.

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