Californians on killing babies AFTER they are born


  1. Deplorable.
    I shake my head at the selfish attitude of some of the younger generation and woke society.

      1. It’s totally F*d up, I worry for my own kids living in this brainless narcissistic society. I have no words for these idiots :/

      2. Fuck me Dom it’s worth than I thought…..
        Those aren’t women, they’re cunts with cunts.

  2. I can’t help wonder how that sort of attitude might relate to the reports we hear about Covid-vaccinated women having all kinds of unnatural & abnormal problems. Infanticide bill for infantilised minds – the definition of which in today’s world is people everywhere of all ages hooked on their smartphone with its incessant bleeping & vibrating & notifying the way a flashing & ringing toy will hold the attention of a toddler.

    I have to say it guys, Dom is the spit of snooker player Luca Brecel.. and Christian should get an award for that cartoon of ‘old slug head’ Klaus Schwab

  3. There is something wrong with these people I don’t even have words to put that into perspective:-( sad really very sad 😞

  4. WTF!! I’m Gobsmacked and feeling physically sick after watching that. How the hell are those views sane let alone acceptable??
    This clown world is just getting more and more unbelievable as time goes on, I feel like I’ve awoken from a dream into a frickin nightmare dimension!

  5. Do these fools not realise if they can remove the sanctity of life from another human being, that their life also can be removed with the same ease and casual disregard?

  6. i cant believe these are real people. Surely they are actors. In saying that, I dont get out much as I do not like most people. Clearly, if they are not actors, people are getting a lot worse.

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